Getting software development teams closer to clients and business needs

Get ready to cheer, applaud, and send hurrays and congratulations. SYTOSS has opened a new office in Bratislava, Slovakia, at Tower B, Vajnorská 10645/100, 831 04 Bratislava.

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Forced by wartime, we’ve applied a business continuity plan and secured our business operations. The activated measures included our team evacuation, transferring a Ukrainian office to a safer location and moving data and servers to ensure continuous software development.

Continuing our history of progress

As a software development service provider rooted in Kharkiv, SYTOSS belongs to an immensely growing Ukrainian IT outsourcing sector. For more than a decade of our operation, we’ve established long-term, confident and mutually beneficial relations with European companies. Entrepreneurs, enterprises, industry leaders and domain incumbents from ten countries use large-scale integrated solutions implemented by our mature software engineers. Our European-based experience conditioned the choice of a country for our new location. Slovakia is equally distanced from our clients and Ukraine, right between our work and our homes.

Starting from the annexation of Crimea and some Eastern-Ukrainian regions in 2014, all Ukrainian-rooted businesses have to deal with unpredictable surroundings. And our preparation of emergency plans and business continuity actions started long before 2022. Now we have managed to secure all business processes and transferred them into the European climate. Our security specialists have applied the required technical activities to protect and backup servers and data. They ensured the relevant operation of the whole infrastructure, with all the needed environments, workspaces and platforms. Several SYTOSS team members with families moved to Slovakia. Our new location is situated in a beautiful place in Bratislava with a view of the lake and hosts Ukrainian engineers along with their new Slovakian colleagues.

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Analyzing possibilities and the business environment

Both countries, Slovakia and Ukraine, are popular information technology and communication hubs where the IT sector has constantly been growing in both countries for several years. Ukraine is a world-known location for IT outsourcing and launching R&D departments, while Slovakia is a popular location for opening subsidiaries and branches of global tech brands.

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Ensuring sustainable and confident partnership

Adapting to wartime challenges, we continued to operate in Ukraine at full capacity and launched a new European location in Slovakia for extra stability and security. Demonstrating extraordinary self-organizational efforts and self-managing skills, our dedicated teams ensure sustained function, steady performance and continuous delivery.

Now our new European office in Bratislava, Slovakia, is ready to welcome clients and new team members. Come to visit us and discuss your need for software development services and engineering teams.