Keeping the course

Since February 24, 2022, the Ukrainian business environment has drastically changed because of the Russian Federation's aggression. We continue to operate in wartime. SYTOSS is a natively Kharkiv-based company. Like many other IT and tech companies, we have realized the risks and worked out the business continuity and emergency plans long before the strike. So, we’ve applied all the measures to adapt to challenges, keep our teams safe and continue delivering high-quality software development services.

Adapting to hard times

To ensure our capability to function at the fullest possible capacity, we’ve implemented the scope of organizational activities and management decisions. The team’s safety, business operations and technical security were the top priority.

The company initiated the evacuation arrangements and supported every team player on the way to a safer location. The company also set up and offered people several temporary homes for settling both abroad and in Ukraine.

Along with team care, we’ve secured business processes and prepared to open a new office location in Europe. It’s been our first step toward growing into an international company with Ukrainian roots.

Our technical specialists also worked hard on data backups and server migration, including moving the required equipment to a safer zone in Europe. The project teams are equipped with tech means and empowered with extraordinary self-organizing skills and enthusiasm.

Delivery and releases keep the terms of our client’s contracts and project plans, ensuring continuous development, implementation and support. We’ve arranged the required staff and change management actions. Some project teams continue to grow organically.

Going on and standing with Ukraine

We continue working consistently and stable, delivering robust solutions and implementing even more actions to adapt to challenges and times.

We ensure our clients are receiving the software development services they require. And we keep caring for our teams, too, so our IT engineers and their families are safe and can do what they love in a secure environment.

We believe that working hard is the best way to support our people and country.