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Dedicated Teams: A Great Way to Hire Developers to Implement a Project or Extend Your In-House Team

We help our clients hire Ukrainian software developers, and create highly efficient and affordable Dedicated Teams in full compliance with their requirements. This has been one of SYTOSS’s core service offerings and competences since our company’s inception.

Our Dedicated Teams have helped a number of Western and Middle-Eastern clients implement scores of IT projects in their entirety, or enhanced these companies' in-house development capabilities, thus becoming instrumental in achieving their business goals.

Regardless of whether you need a Dedicated Team to implement a project from the ground up, or to extend your in-house development team, SYTOSS is the right partner to approach.

In order to better fulfill your needs, we study them carefully and offer you solutions that are both in sync with all your requirements and include an array of valuable additional benefits.

Long-Standing Experience in Efficiently Managing Dedicated Teams

We don’t simply hire developers and seat them on our premises as many offshore software providers do. We put together well-articulated and efficient development teams and empower them to solve the task at hand. It would not be an exaggeration to say, that we are massively experienced in managing Dedicated Teams on behalf of our clients.

Our company can always provide a highly qualified PM to lead your team. Moreover, we have successful experience of delivering projects that have involved of up to 50 of our dedicated developers, organized into several SCRUM teams.

Broad Range of Qualifications and Expertise

Unlike with many other software outsourcing providers, a Dedicated Team we can put together on your behalf can include not only highly skilled software and QA engineers, but also seasoned Business Analysts.

Almost all our developers are experienced in interacting directly with the business stakeholders or in-house development teams of international clients.

Flexibility and Transparency

Our cooperation with you stays transparent to you at all times. You will be kept posted on the progress, made by your team, in the way that you prefer and as frequently, as you like.

You are also always welcome to visit your Dedicated Team. The same would be the case, if you want to hire Ukrainian software developers, but would, first, like to become better acquainted with your future outsourcing partner and their location: we will always be glad to meet with you on our premises in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Meet Some Of Our Lead Experts Who Can Add Value To Your Project

The advantages of
the Dedicated Team Model include:

  • Transparency and the ability to continually control the project's progress.
  • The ability to seamlessly extend your in-house team: basically, you can manage your Dedicated Team the way you would your onsite employees.
  • Your Dedicated Developers are engaged in implementing only one single project, - your one.
  • Highly adjustable contract conditions.
  • A significant reduction in the operational, recruitment, and administrative costs.

Why SYTOSS is a Great Option to Consider While Looking for Ukrainian Software Developers

Hire Ukrainian Developers


SYTOSS is a well-established IT provider, which was founded by several IT industry veterans and has been in business for a number of years. We have an impeccable project delivery track record. Our portfolio includes several highly demanding large-scale projects for world-known US and Western-European companies. These projects have been implemented by us using the Dedicated Team service delivery model.



Our location in Ukraine gives us the ability to cut your development costs by a whopping 30-40% as compared with the West and several other geographies.


Talent Pool

Our company is based in the city of Kharkiv, Ukraine's second largest city, one of its premier software development hub centers and a major educational and scientific center. We can always immediately provide or source the experts you need within a relatively short time frame and much faster than we would be able to in North America, Western Europe, ANZ or most of the Middle East.


HR & Recruitment team

In addition to being a highly desirable employer, SYTOSS has a well-seasoned and well-connected HR & Recruitment Team that is vastly experienced in recruiting IT talent Ukraine-wide.


Why Ukraine Is a Great Place to Hire Developers

Ukraine has been world-renowned as a software outsourcing destination for many a year now. The nation boasts one of the world's largest and brightest IT talent pools that is continually growing due to a well-developed educational system, a huge number of both local and international software development companies that have a business presence here (currently, their number is estimated at more than 3000), a strong and vibrant IT community and a favorable Eastern-European location.

According to the 2017 Global Outsourcing 100 listing, published by the IAOP industry Association, 10 out of the world's 100 best IT service providers were either Ukrainian companies, or those that operated in Ukraine and employed Ukrainian developers.

In addition to the great software development skills and expertise, Ukraine offers IT services' affordability and one of the best value-for-money ratios globally. All you need to do as a customer is choose the right Ukrainian provider.


New IT graduates annually


IT Outsourcing Destination for the UK (2017)


R&D Centers of Leading international companies

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