We Can Help You Hire Angular Developers
in a World-Renowned Software Development Hub Center

  • Highly educated and skilled Angular developers in possession of 1-3 years of Angular development experience and a working grasp of both spoken and written English.

  • A Quick Project Start due to significantly shorter Recruitment cycles (3-7 weeks for a full-blown Angular development team, consisting of 3-4 Angular developers (Senior, Middle).

  • Possible Immediate Angular resources’ allocation (1-2 Angular developers, who can get down to your tasks within the space of 2 weeks).

  • A broad choice of Angular developer candidates with different qualification levels (Senior, Middle, and Junior) due to a highly favorable location and access to one of Eastern Europe’s largest talent pools.

  • What you could call WINDFALL PRICES in the West, most of the Middle East and ANZ.

  • Our location in Eastern Europe makes it possible to not only attract best-quality programming talent but also to make our services highly financially appealing to our clients.

Angular-related expertise in:

Cloud Enabled Applications

Dynamic Components

Progressive Web App

Serverless Deployment

Server Side Rendering for SPA

Search Engine Friendly (SEO)

Globalization & Localization

Push Notifications

Responsive design

Web components

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Face Recognition Solutions

Our company has been in the business of custom software development since 2012, making happy clients among major European telcos and smaller-sized companies alike.

Currently, we employ 130+ highly qualified software and QA engineers, Business and System Analysts, and other IT professionals. Their talent, competence and dedication are responsible for having created a stellar portfolio that comprises scores of projects. 

Angular is one of our major specialties and we have been active in Angular development for quite a long spell now. Presently, we employ 7 Angular developers, who have nothing to envy from any other Angular development team and who are conversant in using the whole spectrum of the creative and technical means Angular provides.

Furthermore, our company being a provider of custom enterprise-grade solutions really makes our Angular development team stand out in a crowd. Our Angular developers are able to make any app as user-friendly and easily interactive, as is required by its purpose, no matter how intricate the functionality of this app or it’s size.

What Else Can Make Us a 5 Star Angular Development Partner?

  • We are flexible to offer several Client Engagement models you are welcome to choose from.

  • Our Angular experts’ experience makes them highly suitable for Team Augmentation purposes. Our Angular developers are broadly experienced in working with both internationally based development teams and client business stakeholders.

  • Our location is within easy reach from most places in the West and the Middle East. You are always more than welcome to visit your Angular development team whenever you feel like doing so.

  • We can provide immediately or hire externally upon request a well-seasoned PM to lead your Angular team.

  • We can provide a skilled Account Manager who will see to it that all the interactions of your nearshore Angular development team with your in-house development team or business stakeholders are smooth and in full keeping with your expectations.

  • We conduct several interviews with all our Angular candidates. The interviews are participated in by our senior Angular developers to ensure a better quality of the candidate screening process and save our clients’ time.

  • On second thought, you may be wondering what exactly we are referring to above as “Windfall Prices.” So, fasten up and here's the deal: from our experience, most of the time, we are able to save up to 50% of our Western clients’ budget, as compared with their in-house development costs.

Do you think this sounds like it makes it worthwhile to find out more about us, get to know our Angular guys and further explore the technical and creative potential we can unleash for you?

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