Published: Oct 23, 2021
Country - Austria
Team - 12 Experts
12 Experts
Industry - Commerce
Time - 18 Months
18 Months


An Austrian telecommunication provider decided to add value to its customers and extend the service offerings provided. In cooperation with the manufacturer of smart locks and lockers, a telecom company has built automated parcel delivery terminals to exchange goods, packets and parcels. We have become the software development partner for this project.

With the help of a website or via mobile apps, a user can rent a box in an automated locker. The service is free for individuals (C2C). Merchants, internet shops and delivery services (B2C) pay a commercial fee to use the automated parcel delivery terminals. A user simply follows the instructions on the website or in an app and drops a package for another person in an automated locker. The receiver takes a parcel from the locker by simply scanning its QR or barcode.

In apps or via a website, both private and commercial users choose the location of an automated parcel locker, select the needed size of a box to fit their parcel into and the duration of occupation. To make the parcel exchange possible, to meet legislation rules and to be able to settle possible claims, the automated parcel lockers service requires personal information about a sender and a receiver: a name, email address and mobile phone number.

Assigned experts

  • 2 iOS developers
  • 2 Android developers
  • 2 Web developers
  • 2 Java developers
  • 1 Blockchain developer
  • 1 Tech Lead
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 BA


  • 18 months of implementation
  • maintenance and support

Industry field

  • E-commerce
  • Shared Economy
  • Automated Parcel Terminal


As a software development partner, we have created a set of applications for automated parcel delivery terminals. Our client started with a mobile-first website to validate the idea and check how customers will accept the parcel exchange service. The next step was native mobile apps development for two platforms: iOS and Android. The mobile apps for an automated parcel delivery terminal are compatible with multiple devices and screen resolutions.

To ensure better customer experience, we have developed separate mobile apps for different platforms. Using native components of native development frameworks, we have achieved similar user experience and business flows on different platforms. We have created a unified UI so that a customer can operate automated parcel lockers via a desktop, tablet or mobile equally easily. As soon as the apps require some private information from users, we have used modern security protocols and technology to store and protect sensitive data.

To enable the extended automated parcel exchange service functionality, we have built a microservice architecture and integrated back end services with several third-party services. A user can find the closest automated parcel delivery terminal using maps and geolocation services of his mobile device. The integration with payment systems complemented by a universal user interface helps commercial users of automated parcel lockers pay service fees.



Cross-platform software

  • Mobile-first website for both desktop and mobile devices users
  • Android and iOS native apps for tablets and mobile phone users supporting multiple resolution options
  • Using geolocation services to search for the nearest automated parcel delivery terminal location
  • Ensuring similar flow throughout different platforms and devices with the help of native components and unified user interfaces.

Better user experience

  • Generating and scanning of QR-codes and barcodes to lock and unlock automated parcel delivery terminals
  • SMS and push notifications for a parcel sender and receiver
  • In-app payments via a universal interface with a possibility to switch between payment methods
  • Remote unlock feature to open an automated parcel lockers’ box from anywhere
  • Cleanup service request for cleaning a box in an automated parcel delivery terminal.


  • Business and system analysis
  • UI design
  • Microservices map design
  • Development of a microservice architecture
  • Website development
  • Native mobile iOS and Android clients development
  • The implementation of blockchain for data storage
  • The usage of industry-standard protocol for authorization
  • Maps integration
  • Payment systems integration
  • Cooperation with embedded developers to make changes in smart locks protocols.

Technology Stack

Spring Boot


The success of an automated parcel delivery terminal depends on the service it provides. We’ve delivered a website and mobile applications that perform faultlessly and have created a universal UI to offer users the best experience no matter which platform they use.

The automated parcel lockers application functionality comprises QR and barcode generation to lock and unlock the boxes, possibility to make payments directly in the applications, searching for the parcel lockers, notification on changes of a package status. Reliable security protocols guarantee the safety and protection of personal data.

The developed set of applications may be used by our client as a universal framework for other business cases of smart locks usage, such as a bicycle or apartment rental.



The delivered solution of a website and native mobile apps may be applicable as a universal solution for other business cases of smart locks usage.


Mobile applications for an automated parcel delivery terminal receive high ratings in app stores.


The unified user interface ensures that customer experience will be the same across all platforms and devices.