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SYTOSS is a full-cycle custom software development company, based in Ukraine

SYTOSS is a Kharkiv, Ukraine-based custom software development company, dedicated to building complex enterprise-grade software solutions and catering to both industry-leading giants and smaller businesses in the Telecom, Shared Economy, Real Estate, Car Rentals and other industries.

Since our founding in 2010, we have grown to employ some 140+ talented software engineers and other experts. Our sizable software development and integration portfolio is distinctive of a range of large-scale and technically demanding projects and is evidence of our ability to deliver custom software to highest client requirements.

As a software development company, we boast a host of tangible advantages over the majority of other nearshore custom software development providers. They range from the ability to manage the implementation of, and deliver massive-scaled IT projects, to a vast amount of Business Analysis experience to in-depth System Integration expertise.  

We can help you bring your business idea to life in its entirety, add value to your current project, or assist your company in cost-effectively implementing a project on behalf of your clients. 

Reliably, affordably, and with premium quality. 


We Are Broadly Experienced in Implementing Large-Scale and Complex Custom Software Development Projects

For close to a decade now, we've been engaged in implementing large-scale software development projects for several leading Western, Middle-Eastern and other industry heavyweights, thus helping them stay at the forefront of their industries. This has helped us accumulate a great deal of experience in delivering major software development projects. 

Leading Telecom Companies from:

  • Austria
  • Belarus
  • Bulgaria

Industry-Leading Global Information Technology Companies from:

  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Israel
  • the USA

Our Client Engagement Models

We are a seasoned software development company, skilled at creating custom software using an array of cutting-edge software development methodologies and techniques.

In order to better respond to your needs, SYTOSS offers several customizable client engagement models, inclding Project-Based Software Outsourcing, Dedicated Team and Staff Augmentation. 

As a software development partner, we are always flexible, customer-focused and project-oriented.

Hire Dedicated Developers in Ukraine

We use our company's in-depth industry expertise and our location in one of the world's most well-known software outsourcing hub centers to hire crème-de-la-crème software developers on your behalf.

Whether you need to seamlessly extend your in-house software development team, or to staff a software development project in its entirety, we can help you with excellent quality and in the shortest possible time.

You define the objective, we take all the risks

Are you looking to implement a startup idea, or just want to expand an existing software application with more features, but would hate to be continually adjusting the project budget as a result of missed timelines? In this case, the Fixed Price engagement model can come in handy.

This client engagement model allows you to retain full control over your costs, milestones and go-live dates.

SYTOSS is a custom software development company that is massively experienced in delivering client projects using the Fixed Price model. 


All Software Development Services.
End-to-End. All in One Place.

Do you want a startup idea implemented from the ground up? Or does your company need help managing your remote teams, so that your in-house experts can focus on some other, more important activities?

In both cases, the Managed Software Development engagement model would be the right choice for you. All you need to do is define the project scope and milestones and we will take care of all the rest, from any required business analysis and project planning, to project delivery and project support.

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Custom software development company in Ukraine

What Our Clients Say

A Telecom Company. Custom Software Projects - Testimonial

Thomas Kamsker

"I've had the benefit of closely working with many members of this awesome team ever since 2004. We've relied heavily on SYTOSS on a number of occasions and they've been central to the success of no less than a dozen complex projects I was in a charge of implementing. Their developers are very good and fast and the best is they keep up this quality now in generations of developers.

As a software provider, they know most things Telecom inside out. I believe SYTOSS is an incredible partner, - hugely knowledgeable, dependable and easy to deal with."

Enterprise Architect
A Custom Telco Software Development Project

Dmitry Sergey

"We’ve been collaborating with SYTOSS extensively on a massive-scaled project for the Belarussian Telecom giant Velcom and have found them to be highly professional, cooperative and dependable. Their experts have an in-depth understanding of the Telecom business processes and they are, certainly, very competent as IT professionals.

We hope our cooperation with SYTOSS will continue and we look forward to working together with them on other Telco projects."


SYTOSS Company. The Best Software Development Outsourcing Company

Manfred Schüller

"I’ve been collaborating with their core team for close to 15 years and I've also been working with them as SYTOSS for over 6 years.

As SYTOSS, they’ve been instrumental in implementing a mission-critical Billing project of nationwide importance and they’ve done a great job of it, - across the board…. Superior quality, an amazing ability to overcome any technical challenges, the ability deliver extremely complex and large-scale functionality, - I think SYTOSS has everything to make a fabulous technology partner, both highly competent and very reliable...

Billing Delivery Lead

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