Our Ukraine-based iOS developers can bring your iOS app development project to fruition and save you a bundle on iOS development costs


  • Highly educated iOS developers with an engineering mind set and proven successful professional experience.

  • Across-the-board command of iOS: our iOS developers have an excellent command of Swift, Rest API, and the development patterns alike.

  • English Fluency: all our iOS developers have a good grasp of both spoken and written English.

  • A quick start of your project due to the shortest recruitment cycles possible for good engineering talent globally (it would take us 2-4 weeks to put together a full-value iOS development team, consisting of 2-4 highly qualified iOS developers).

  • A broad choice of iOS developer candidates with varying qualifications (Middle, Senior) that allows finding iOS developers in full compliance with your project requirements.

  • Broad use of leading-edge iOS development tools, which expedite iOS development and render it significantly more cost-effective.

  • The ability to hire iOS developers who have experience interacting with international clients' technical experts and business stakeholders.

  • Highly attractive rates for iOS developers due to our location in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

  • The ability to extend an existing in-house iOS development team with 1-3 iOS developers (Staff Augmentation), or create an iOS Development Team (including a PM-led one), consisting of 1-5 iOS developers, from scratch (Dedicated Team).



  • Swift - currently, the most powerful and comprehensive iOS-related programming language that can be used for macOS, watchOS and tvOS alike. Our iOS developers are consummately skilled in developing apps using Swift.

  • Objective C – previously, the principal iOS development language. Our iOS developers have an excellent grasp of Objective C.

  • Xcode – an iOS development environment for both Objective C and Swift. Our iOS experts make broad use of Xcode as the more optimal tool for layout customization, code compiling, editing, and UI development.

  • TestFlight - A beta version testing environment, our QA & Testing team is well-familiar with.

  • VIPER - a Clean Architecture design pattern, which allows one to expedite and facilitate iOS development, while also allowing extra flexibility in working with MVPs.

Why Should You Consider the Option to Hire iOS Developers in Ukraine and Us As Your iOS App Development Partner?

iOS Apps portfolio


We are a company with a history of excellence that has been working hard since 2010 to build a sterling reputation as provider of enterprise-grade bespoke software to international Telcos and other major and mid-sized businesses.

Presently, we employ 130+ software engineers and other IT professionals and cater to clients in Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We pride ourselves on having a vastly seasoned HR & Recruitment team that allows us to fully tap the potential of the sizeable IT talent pool our city boasts.

Importantly, our clients are also always welcome to participate in the preliminary UI mockup testing of their future apps.

Our expertise and remarkable location create a host of advantages for those, who want to hire iOS developers in Ukraine or develop an iOS app here:


  • Expertise in the development of iOS apps for the Shared Economy, Legal, Automobile Sales, Broadcasting, Warehousing, and other industries.

  • An enviable grasp and regular use of those lesser known iOS patterns, which enable cost and time savings, while also promoting efficient and cost-effective MVP development.

  • Cost advantages that result in your in-house iOS development costs being cut nearly by half, if your current R&D facilities are found in North America, Western Europe, Israel, the UAE, Australia or New Zealand.

  • Significant experience in implementing wide-ranging and intricate functionality in a compact and user-friendly form due to a wealth of enterprise software development experience.

  • Full-cycle iOS development that can include assistance in the creating and fine-tuning of an Apple account.

Does This Sound like Our iOS Developers and iOS App Development Expertise Could Be a Good Fit for Your iOS Project?

Let’s Check This Out Together!

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