Dedicated .Net Developers and Project-Based .Net App Development in Ukraine

  • University-educated and skilled Senior, Middle and Junior .Net software engineers (not to be mixed up with some new-fangled offshore coders) who are in love with what they do. With us you can hire .Net developers with 5-10 years of .Net development experience and a passion for .Net app development.

  • UTTER FLEXIBILITY with multiple, further adjustable engagement models to choose from.

  • A FAST start of your .Net app development project: both our Location in Ukraine and our SMASHING Recruitment Team shorten the Recruitment cycles for most technologies, including .Net (nearly by a factor of 2 as compared with the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Israel or Australia).

    Yes, if time-to-market and deadlines are at issue, you are on the right track. With us, you can hire several .Net developers for a Dedicated Team within a mere 4-7 weeks.

  • (In most instances), the ability to provide immediately 1-2 well-qualified .Net developers, who can be allocated to your .Net app development project within the space of just 1-2 weeks.

  • A wide choice of .Net developer candidates and in-depth involvement of our Senior.Net developers in the candidate screening process.

  • Direct access to one of Eastern Europe’s premier IT talent pools (there are some 25000 IT experts in our location and more than 100 000 nationwide). Our experts have in-depth expertise and experience in using .Net to create from scratch large-scale, interactive self-service B2B enterprise portals and other complex enterprise-grade systems.

  • A wide range of readily available complementary expertise (including various JavaScript frameworks, Responsive, CSS frameworks, REST services and more).

  • We are NOT CUT-RATE, but if you are based in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand or most of the Middle East, and are now looking at some development options in your locality, with us you may well be able to spend up to 50% of your budget on something other than covering your software development costs.


.Net App Development Background

Does That Sound Like Something In Sync with Your Business Needs and Wants?

GREAT, Let’s Get to Know Each Other and See If We Can Find Any More Interesting Touchpoints!


We are SYTOSS, a Kharkiv-, Ukraine-based custom software provider, which has been in business since 2012 and developed a host of complex, enterprise-grade software applications, used by millions of individuals and businesses in Western and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Most of our clients are industry-leading Telco providers that have the highest possible performance and robustness requirements for the software they use.

Presently, we employ 130 + highly qualified software developers and other IT experts and work with .Net/C#, Java, C++, JavaScript, Angular, React and multiple other technologies. Professional, reliable and flexible, we boast a 90% repeat business rate and sport several well-forged, long-term client relationships with companies you may know about.

.Net App Development Services

When it comes to .Net, our service offering comes with an array of technology-specific benefits that may turn out to be relevant in your case.

Not only can we provide seasoned .Net developers (the .Net developers we can provide have, on average, 5-6 years of experience in .Net app development), but we also have a diverse wealth of much- sought-after, both .Net-related and other, complementary expertise.

More specifically, our .Net-related fortes and advantages include:

  • Our .Net Development practice is led by a high-caliber Software Engineering and Project Management professional, whose overall Software Engineering experience is in excess of 25 years. His .Net development experience is in excess of 10 years, and he has steered multiple client .Net projects to success.

  • We can provide a vast amount of expertise in the development of B2B self-service customer service portals that enable enterprise clients of major businesses’(largely, major service providers) to purchase products or services from the latter, configure their product and service consumption, generate reports and perform a variety of other related operations.

    We know how to develop the entirety of such portals in .Net, including support and ticket-processing functionality, as well as how to integrate them with popular CRM systems (for example, Sales Force or Microsoft Dynamics).

  • We have expertise in building complex Cloud-based solutions and, in particular, multi-tenant systems in .Net. Furthermore, we are fully positioned to provide both .Net app development and .Net development consulting services in this area.

  • Our .Net experts are well-familiar with the specifics of Billing software development in .Net.

  • Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration are lots more like a specialty than popular technical trends and topics to our .Net app development experts. Thus, whenever required, we can organize project delivery in accordance with the above development approaches.

Well, that’s been Us…

What about You? We’ll Be Keen to Hear about You, Learn about Your Business, and Discuss How We Can Be of Help with Your .Net App Development Needs. Write to Us

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