Published: Apr 1, 2020

SYTOSS came to be well-prepared for the transition to a full Work From Home mode, as being primarily an enterprise software development provider, we have already had multiple reservations of the IP and VPN channels as well as robust general infrastructure. The technical shift itself took us just one day, and SYTOSS was one of the firsts in a leading wave among other Ukrainian businesses that moved to fully remote work. Nonetheless, while the entire world is dealing with the shock of something that was simply unimaginable just a month ago, we are also facing new challenges in and out, in the ways we work with our clients and within the teams. And these challenges go beyond just infrastructure’s technical capabilities and robust remote connections — they are all the uncertainty, affected processes, and missing social links, and daily routine that we all are so used to.

Now that the first turbulence is over, the broken processes have been rethought and adapted, and new ones have been established, we are performing on all the typical routine tasks as usual, and all of our clients receive a standard volume of services. So, now we are taking further steps to improve on the situation as, while the new reality is predicted to be an enormous economic blow across verticals and long-term planning has become an unaffordable privilege, we are going to treat forthcoming challenges as insights, as inevitable evolution and take possible tangible steps that our company will focus on in a short-term perspective:

  • We provide immediate help to those who need it most right now — SYTOSS is supplying masks, respirators, personal protective suits, and other critical supplies for some local hospitals

  • SYTOSS continues supporting its employees, the way we used to support them in their routine office life

  • We keep improving the infrastructure's capacity even further

  • We are rethinking our internal processes so that to optimize them for the WFH mode

  • We are evaluating several integrated communication and information exchange platforms to counterweight something that we are all missing already — live communication in person with our colleagues, spending a precious morning coffee time together and having rare but wonderful go-out events

  • We proceed to improve collaboration processes with our customers, adopting new methodologies, procedures, technical measures, and tools to keep our performance steady and reliable as ever.

As an ending note, I would like to call out to all of our colleagues, teammates, partners, and competitors: please, keep healthy, take care of yourself and your families, be supportive and respectful towards each other and your societies, be socially responsible and stay home!

Slav Lutsiv,

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