TIBCO Integration Platform

Nowadays, major businesses are increasingly faced with the challenges, posed by the need to integrate a diverse variety of apps and data sources into a single, coherent and well-functioning IT landscape.

System integration takes skills and knowledge. Integration issues are known to have caused nationwide disruptions to the operations of industry-leading companies.

Previously, any linkage between each and every of the many variegated components of a company's IT infrastructure was performed manually. This turned an integration effort into a gargantuan challenge that was potentially fraught with errors.

The advent of the TIBCO platform has provided a great solution to the problem, enabling those who are well-skilled in using this awesome tool to perform system integration incomparably more easily, reliably and promptly.

Consummate Experience in TIBCO Implementation Services

Our experts' experience in TIBCO-enabled system integration spans several years. Notably, this experience has largely been acquired by them in the Telecom sector, an industry that is conspicuous of corporate IT infrastructures with diverse multitudes of software applications, vast numbers of various data sources, convoluted entity hierarchies, and extremely high uniformity, data exchange speed and reliability standards.

In addition to the above, our company's System Integration experts have used TIBCO to help companies in the Finance and Banking, Energy, and Logistics industry sectors.

The range of hardware and software systems we have dealt with includes Nortel, Nokia-Siemens Network, Huawei and others.

Tibco-Related Technology Stack

TIBCO Active Matrix Business Works 5.х:

  • TIBCO Classic (Engine, Designer, Administrator)

  • TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Bus

  • Tibco plug-ins

More specifically, we can provide consummate skills and expertise in:

  • The development of services for SOA-driven, ESB-based integration of various enterprise-level systems.
  • The development of REST and SOAP-based services

Some of Our Projects Experience

  • Developing a SOAP Web-Service, serving as a translator between a European Teleco provider’s front-end application and back-end system.
  • Developing a RESTFul Web-Service, serving as a dispatcher between a Telco company’s multiple systems.

  • Developing an order-processing application, incorporating the business logic of two different billing systems, for a major Western Telco company.

Implement Your Project With Our Seasoned TIBCO Developers!

Our Lead TIBCO Implementation Experts

Tibco Implementation Services

Alexander Dubinin

TIBCO Implementation Expert

Alexander Dubinin is a versatile IT professional with a strong background in both Quality Assurance, and, in particular, Automated Testing (over 2.5 years of experience) and TIBCO-enabled system integration. His experience as a TIBCO (ActiveMatrix Business Works) developer is around 4 years.

Alexander Dubinin holds a MA degree in Electronics engineering from Kharkiv National Polytechnic university.

TIBCO Solutions Implementation Expert

Pavel Chumakov

Senior Software Developer / Team Lead

Pavel Chumakov is a well-seasoned Java, Oracle and Delphi developer, whose software development experience constitutes more than 20 years. As a software developer, Pavel has taken part in several projects for Western-European Telco companies. He has also worked as a software engineer in the Banking sector.

Pavel has almost 6 years of experience in TIBCO-related system integration and development. He has gained this experience while with SYTOSS.

Pavel Chumakov holds a MA degree in Computer Science from Kharkiv National Aerospace University after Zhukovsky.

Related Services and Expertise

Business And System Analysis

SYTOSS is different from many software outsourcing providers in that our Business and System Analysis expertise is rooted in a number of complex implementation and system integration projects and dates back for years.

We employ and extremely strong team of Business and System Analysts who use a broadest range of Business Analysis tools and techniques to help companies such as yours better formulate and fulfill their business needs.

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Java Development

As an Enterprise software market player, we are in love with Java, know it inside out and reckon it to be one of the most promising technologies for SYTOSS as a custom software provider.

Our excellence in Java stems from several dozen Enterprise-level projects, and B2B, B2C and B2E projects we have implemented for clients in the Telecom, Real Estate and eCommerce business domains.

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Oracle Development

Our Oracle developers are a team of long-standing experts in the processing of large amounts of data. They know how to use the technology to ensure good quality and consistency of the processed data, as well as the optimal processing speed.

Most of members of our Oracle development team are also full-stack Java developers and this is a major benefit for those who intend to implement several types of projects. Just like is the considerable Oracle development experience that we can put at your disposal: most of our experts have 5-10 years of experience with Oracle.

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