The complexity of the modern word is amazing and it continues growing exponentially in time and space.

There are no simple tasks like "implement a stand-alone application for a shopping mall and just forget about it" any more.

When we come to grips with a corporate IT landscape, we often discover tons of heterogeneous applications implemented 5, 10, or, even, 20 years ago by different vendors and integrated (in a hit-or-miss way) into some tangled and slow monster, which collapses immediately if you introduce just one more customer characteristic like "the number of space travels."

The whole thing looks like a multilayer, multilogic and completely uncollectable puzzle. Many generations of in-house development experts have tried to improve this mess, but they were looking only at their own side of the building.

Enterprise Application Integration Services

We've been grappling with and solving this kind of puzzles for decades and learned a lot.

Our most significant achievement is a giant Telco message broker with extendable business-ruled queueing. It's developed using TIBCO software and ensures the following software works smoothly and logically:

  • 2 billing systems
  • 5 Front-Ends

  • 2 reporting systems

  • 3 ordering systems

We've now learned to:

  • Build a variety of integration patterns and topologies.

  • Make them work asynchronously and in sync using the best of message-oriented middleware practices.

  • Improve the performance and transparency of interfaces.

  • Force data to obey us through the use of data modeling, data mapping, data migration and data synchronization between different systems.

  • Organize easy and configurable maintenance.

Enterprise Application Integration Services. Our Experts

How Our Enterprise Application Integration Services Work:


Our Middleware Analysts

explore your enterprise as a set of business services, while taking into consideration all existing data and processes that occur in heterogeneous platforms and environments.


Our SOA and ESB technicians

suggest and submit for your review the best possible options for the mapping and orchestration of the enterprise, while taking into consideration the best SOA and MOM (message-oriented middleware) practices, transparency, ease of transformation and security aspects.


Our QA experts

conduct fast and high-quality integration testing using established test case coverage-related processes and testing automation tools.


Our Maintenance experts

make sure you have a configurable and manageable solution for your software bus.

We use:


  • TIBCO Software
  • JBoss ESB

Technical principles:

  • SOAP
  • REST


  • Enterprise analysis
  • Interfaces and Data Analysis

  • Data Modeling

  • Data Flow Diagrams

  • Data Migration and Data Mapping

Cooperation with us can be more rewarding for you as we are:



Over the last 15 years, we've built an array of EAI systems, both embedded into the existing customer's software and stand-alone orchestration giants.



We can offer a powerful synergy of best-in-breed TIBCO-related customization skills and those in a wide range of Data Migration techniques.


Analytically savvy

Our system integration efforts are spearheaded by Business Analysts who have up to 15 years of experience in business domains and technology areas, characteristic of a large number of System Integration efforts.

Our Lead Experts

Application Integration Expert

Olexandr Muzychuk

Senior Software Engineer

Olexandr Muzychuk is a veteran software engineer and system integrator, who has a total of more than 18 years of experience in the software development industry, spent in various capacities.

Olexandr has worked as a Software Engineer and Team Lead for more than 15 years. His experience as a QA Team Lead equals 3 years, while his experience in TIBCO system integration is in excess of 5 years.

Olexandr Muzychuk holds a MA degree in Computer Science from Kharkiv National Aerospace University after Zhukovsky.

Enterprise Application Integration Expert

Oleg Upakov


Oleg Upakov is an eminently qualified IT professional, whose experience in the software development industry constitutes more than 20 years, including 8 years as a software engineer (7 years in Delphi development, including OOP development, 5 years in SQL development and 1 year in C++ development).

Oleg has mostly been involved in the development of software and processing of large amounts of data for Telco clients, but has also spent 3 years as a GIS developer. During the last several years, he has held the position of a Development & Release Manager responsible for several data-processing and other projects.

Oleg Upakov is a graduate of Zhukovsky Kharkiv National Aerospace University where he earned a degree in Computer Science.

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