A strong and well-seasoned QA & Testing Company with a range of hard-to-come-by competences and strengths

Software quality issues often extend times-to-market, hamper market expansion, drive entire startups into ground, damage one's business reputation and, ultimately, result in a loss of business. They are often hard to deal with on your own, but always have to be responded to in a timely and efficient manner. If the need to improve the quality of your product is at issue, the best solution may be hiring an independent Quality Assurance provider.

As a full-range provider of QA & Testing services, which performs most types of Manual and Automated testing, SYTOSS helps technology companies, product-driven startups, and other software development vendors dispose of their existing software quality issues reliably and affordably.

Why We Qualify to Take Over Your Software Quality Problems and Solve Them in the Most Optimal Manner

A wide range of up-to-date tools, skillfully employed by highly qualified professionals for a range of testing purposes, - this is how one can describe SYTOSS's QA & Testing capabilities in a nutshell.

Our steadily growing QA Team consists of more than two dozen solidly educated QA engineers, whose QA & testing experience ranges from 2 to10 years. They have honed their testing skills in a variety of business contexts and on a diverse range of projects, which accounts for the several fortes the team has. These fortes include an unusually large of amount of experience in the testing of SQL-based applications, very strong experience in integration testing, a proven ability to fruitfully collaborate with third technical parties,  a tremendous wealth of experience in in the performance of various tests for the Telecom sector (we have experts who have more than 10 years of related experience), and more.

SYTOSS is proficient in and offers both Manual and Automated testing, our experience as a team in these types of testing being equal to, correspondingly, 7 and 8 years.

We are easy to start with and flexible. We offer the same engagement models that we offer for our software development services and can hand-pick a Dedicated QA team on your behalf in strict compliance with your requirements. And, certainly, we are fully positioned to reduce your QA costs very significantly (in most cases, up to 40%) due to our Eastern-European location.

We Provide Independent Testing Services:

  • Manual Testing

  • Test Automation

  • Performance Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Integration Testing

The reasons to
work with an Independent Software Testing Company:

  • Poor Quality of the Resulting Product Due to the Company's Internal Business Processes
  • Lack of Focus on the Top Testing Priorities
  • Lack of QA Expertise Which May Also Affect the Product's Time-to-Market
  • Lack of Sufficiently Qualified Human Resources on Your Local Market
  • The Need for Regular Close Involvement in the QA Process
  • Too High QA Costs: No Longer a Problem If You Cooperate with Us
  • Absence of a Guarantee for Your QA Investment

In Quality Assurance We Use:


Testing Documentation

  • Test Plan

  • Check List

  • Test-Cases

  • Bug Reports


Testing Types

  • Functional

  • Regression

  • GUI and Usability

  • Exploratory

  • Smoke

  • System

  • Performance and Load

  • Integration


Testing Techniques

  • Static Techniques (Informal reviews, Inspection, Static Analysis and etc.);

  • Dynamic Techniques (Structure based, Experience based, Specification based)


Testing Tools and Languages

  • Java, Groovy

  • Selenium

  • Cucumber, JBehave

  • TestNG

  • SQL (Oracle and MS SQL)

  • SoapUI

  • JMeter

Benefits of QA and Testing with SYTOSS

QA and Software Testing Outsourcing

Significantly reduced QA & Testing Costs

We can reduce your costs by up to 40%. In addition to being more cost-effective, we can help you avoid entirely the often cumbersome QA-related administrative and operational costs.


Tangible and measurable quality improvements

With us, you can provenly detect and eliminate at least 95% of high-severity defects, as well as expedite your time-to-market by at least 15-17%.


Experience from Dozens of Projects Is Used to Improve Your Product

We have done a vast amount of testing using a wide range of techniques. This would allow us to test your product a lot more thoroughly and comprehensively.

Our Lead Experts

Software Testing Expert

Anton Khozeiev

QA Team Lead

Anton Khozeiev is a seasoned QA expert who has been with Sytoss since the company's inception. He has more than 8 years of versatile Quality Assurance experience that includes Web, performance, automated and manual testing.

Anton has a strong understanding of the Telco business domain and the testing specifics associated with billing, rating, CRM and other Telecom business processes.

Anton has a MA degree in Computer and Information Technologies from Kharkiv National Polytechnic University.

Software QA and Testing Engineer

Andrey Nikonov

Senior QA Engineer

Andrey Nikonov is a well-seasoned Quality Assurance Engineer, whose QA experience equals more than 5 years and who is broadly experienced in the testing of SOAP applications.

Andrey is proficient in both functional (change-related, regression, verification, component and integration) and non-functional (performance, load, static (analysis of requirements) testing. He has successfully implemented an array of automated functional, performance and integration testing projects.

Andrey Nikonov holds a MA degree in Communication Systems’ Engineering from the Ukrainian State Academy of Railway Transport in Kharkiv.

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