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Whether you are a major Telecom provider, looking to further automate your business or solve one of the many problems that arise in the course of your daily operations, or a Telecom software development vendor that could use qualified and cost-effective external assistance, our company is the right partner to approach.

Founded by a team of colleagues who had spent all their careers in Telecom software development prior to the company’s founding, SYTOSS has helped several leading Western Telco industry giants develop mission-critical software solutions, millions of people and businesses in Western Europe and other geographies rely on for their daily communications.

Clients in Telecom

Applications Integration

WeEnforce Telecom software with modern solutions
Consolidate management of diverse processes at one center
Integrate multiple applications to make them work like a charm

The Horizon of Experience in Telecom Software Development

Our team has an extensive positive track record of implementing multiple Telco projects and developing a diverse range of large-scale Telecom applications. We have developed a new robust and flexible, all-in-one Rating, Billing and centralized Product Catalog system that has replaced a legacy billing system for a leading telco provider with 7 million subscribers.

Included into scopes of the delivered projects, we have migrated the entirety of data on customers, resources, Product Catalogs, and services, and seamlessly integrated the new solution with the client's legacy Telecom systems (Ordering, Mediation, Fulfillment, and others).

The Functionality We Develop for Telecom

  • Mediation
  • Rating and Billing
  • Product Catalog
  • Ordering
  • Provisioning
  • Customer and Resources Management
  • Customer Cockpits
  • SelfCare

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Experts at Peak Load


The present-day continuous evolvement of wireless networks, global 4G coverage, the advent of 5G technologies and IoT, as well as the emerging global internet coverage projects all make it necessary for Telco providers and software vendors to keep pace with this rapid evolution.

SYTOSS stays on the cutting edge of the Telecom software development technologies, and we are always eager to fulfill your software needs in this area knowledgeably and with premium quality.

Foundation Year

Delivered Projects

Our Advantages As a Telecom Software Development Provider


Integration Experience

Our developers have hands-on experience in integrating new systems and functionality with the more popular Billing and Customer Care systems, such as, for instance, Amdocs Enabler or Ericsson BSCS.


Seasoned Engineers

Presently, we employ several dozen Software Architects, software engineers, and QA engineers, who are conversant with one or several areas of Telecom software development and Telecom-related system integration.


Business Analysts

We have a strong team of Telecom-savvy Business Analysts with vast experience in all the major Telco-related areas. This team has hands-on experience implementing Telecom solutions for two major Telco accounts in Europe.


Telecom Excellence

While our customers are major Western Telco providers, what we specialize in is, literally, every business aspect of the technological landscape of a traditional telecommunications service provider. We have core experts with 15+ years of experience in the development of software for the Telecommunications industry sector.

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