C++ Software Development

It is only natural for a company such as SYTOSS to have top-notch С++ expertise, as this language allows processing extremely large data sets quickly and in a high-quality fashion. SYTOSS's C++ expertise emanates largely from our extensive Big Data-related experience in one of our core business domains and areas of specialization, - the Telecommunications sector. This expertise is, first of all, related to the receipt, processing, and export of large amounts of billing, rating, product catalog, provisioning and miscellaneous other data.

Our C++ team has done a fair amount of Unix development and one of our core related competences is the building of Unix-platform-based multithreading server applications. Presently, we can say with confidence that SYTOSS has one of the most well-seasoned C++ development teams as far as the above kinds of tasks are concerned.

Two more areas of specialization of SYTOSS's C++ development team are Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and, more specifically, such areas of AI, as Face Recognition and Video Processing.

All our C++ developers are university-educated Senior Software Engineers. They have 10 to 15 years of C++ development experience and would be keen to help you fulfill your Big Data or AI needs.

We are seasoned in:

Enterprise data sets processing

Telco solutions

Multithreading server applications

Big Data-related projects

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Benefits of C++ Development with SYTOSS

  • Seasoned developers
  • Experience in Agile-driven development.

  • Experience in implementing extremely large, enterprise-level projects.

  • Consummate experience in large data sets processing.

  • Ability to promptly allocate several well-seasoned developers to enable an expeditious start of your project.

Implement Your Project With Our Seasoned C++ Developers!

Our Lead Experts

C++ Software Development Services Ukraine

Valentin Lyubchenko

C++ Developer / Team Lead

Valentin Lyubchenko is an accomplished IT and AI professional, whose experience stems from the areas of Billing, System Integration and Computer Vision. His experience in the former two areas is in excess of 10 years, while his experience in the development of Computer Vision systems constitutes 6 years.

Valentin is a senior C, C++, Java and OpenCV developer. He is the author and co-author of several publications on the theoretical and practical aspects of Image Processing that have appeared in various periodicals, including the International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Management Studies. He also works as a lecturer at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.

Valentin Lyubchenko holds a MA degree in Informatics from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics and a PhD in Mathematical Modeling and Image Processing from the same university.

Hire C++ Developers from in Ukraine

Sergey Vlasov

Senior C++ Developer

Sergey Vlasov is a senior C++ developer who can refer to some 15 years of experience in the development of C++ applications for the Unix and Linux platforms. He also has very strong skills in Object-oriented programming and the development of both client and server applications in C++.

Prior to joining SYTOSS, Sergey had worked for several other software-engineering firms, including a major domestic provider of software outsourcing services.

Sergey Vlasov is a graduate of Kharkiv National Polytechnic University, where he earned a MA degree in Computer Systems and Networks.

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Oracle Development Services

Our Oracle developers are a team of long-standing experts in the processing of large amounts of data. They know how to use the technology to ensure good quality and consistency of the processed data, as well as the optimal processing speed.

Most of members of our Oracle development team are also full-stack Java developers and this is a major benefit for those who intend to implement several types of projects. Just like is the considerable Oracle development experience that we can put at your disposal: most of our experts have 5-10 years of experience with Oracle.

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Artificial Intelligence & Data Science

SYTOSS has been on the cutting edge of the AI revolution.

Currently, we develop Face Recognition and Video Processing solutions, employ first-rate AI experts and invest continually in strengthening our AI competences.

Another competence of SYTOSS is Data Science. Excellence in dealing with data is rooted in our company's history. We follow all new trends to help you make the most of your data.

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Java Development Services

As an Enterprise software market player, we are in love with Java, know it inside out and reckon it to be one of the most promising technologies for SYTOSS as a custom software provider.

Our excellence in Java stems from several dozen Enterprise projects, and B2B, B2C and B2E projects we have implemented for clients in the Telecom, Real Estate and eCommerce business domains.

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