Custom Face Recognition App Development

By a Talented, Cost-Effective Eastern-European Nearshore AI Development Team

  • End-to-End Custom Face Recognition App Development.

  • Eminently qualified AI experts with a PhD degree in a relevant field and a proven successful track record of creating Face Recognition applications.

  • University-educated Software and QA Engineers and Business Analysts who have 3-20 years of relevant professional experience.

  • High-Precision Face Recognition apps that can identify an individual regardless of the angle of their head.

  • Face Recognition apps with an object-tracking capability to ensure effective Face Recognition in a group of persons.

  • The ability to flexibly and easily adjust the parameters of your Face Recognition app so that they can fit the specifics of your clients’ varying business situations.

  • The ability to integrate with card systems.

  • Notification functionality (SMS, email, an alarm system).

  • A world-known nearshore Eastern-European software outsourcing and development location (Kharkiv, Ukraine), responsible for the success of a diverse plethora of software development projects, implemented here for international clients.

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Face Recognition Solutions

We are a well-established Ukrainian provider of bespoke software that employs 100+ first-rate software developers and other IT professionals, caters largely to major Western and other Telco companies, and has successfully been in business since 2010.

Our Artificial Intelligence Practice has been in existence ever since AI’s rapid growth started a few years ago and has focused, mostly, on the Facial Recognition technology. Over the years, we have done a whale of Face Recognition-related R & D to become a full-blown provider of custom Facial Recognition software.

Today, not only do we have a superb grasp of all the bleeding-edge AI and other techniques, required to develop an efficient Face Recognition solution, but we also have a sophisticated proprietary Face Recognition system, developed by us to secure our company’s own spacious office premises. In addition to all the required security-related functionality, our Face Recognition application sports a number of advanced features that make it a lot more than just Face Recognition software.

More specifically, our system includes Face Recognition-based Visitor Calculation and Object-tracking capabilities that can be used by retailers for Marketing purposes. Besides, we are also skilled in developing Body Recognition-based Visitor Calculation functionality.

As a full-cycle custom software provider, whose BA Department consists of experts with 3-10 years of Business Analysis experience, we are fully positioned to develop Face Recognition software for you in full accordance with your business needs.


How Are You Going to Benefit from Choosing Us as Your Face Recognition App Development Partner?


  • We are always ready to give your Face Recognition app development project a quick start, thus making your system’s go-live date closer.

  • If you are a mid-size to major retailer, at a very small additional cost, we will turn your Face Recognition system into a Marketing Trend Recognition app. In this case, you will be able to use the application to measure the attendance of your selling premises, or to perform Basket Analysis for the products you sell in your brick-and-mortar stores.

  • With the flexibility our Face Recognition app provides, you will be able to use it for multiple different lines of business, associated with different environments, and, consequently, having different requirements for Facial Recognition software.

  • CONGRATS, if you are based in North America, Western Europe, Israel, the UAE or ANZ: you are likely to be in for A SIGNIFICANT Cost Reduction which, often, makes the whole thing look like a steal to our Western clients (up to 50% less as compared with your local development options).

  • 6 months of FREE bug-fixing and remote support for your Face Recognition application.

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