Maintenance and Support

Developing or purchasing a software solution and integrating it into your corporate infrastructure are just the first two stages in the lifecycle of your software system.

The very day your software system goes live you'll be faced with the need to start supporting, maintaining, and properly "evolving" your application.

Defects, 3rd-party integration and infrastructure-related changes, performance issues, design errors and new requirements, necessiatated by the ever evolving real-world environment,- all these things are haunting any software system throughout its evolution period.

During its entire lifecycle, any software system requires maintenance and support. This adds to its total cost of ownership and can, even, make it worthwhile to replace the system if the maintenance costs skyrocket as it grows older.

According to some estimates, the maintenance costs for on-premises systems can reach a total of 40-80 % of their development costs. Some other estimates say that they amount to around 15-25% of the total purchase price per year. Generally, for a typical software system, the maintenance costs are estimated to be around 80-90% of the TCO.

With our attractive pricing solutions and our broad experience in the area of 3rd-party corporate software systems' maintenance and evolution, we are well-positioned to offer reliable maintenance, as well as 2nd- and 3rd-level support services for your evolving IT infrastructure.


  • 2nd- and 3rd-level support services

  • Different levels of support and multiple pricing and delivery options

  • Flexible Pricing (Time and Material)

  • Maintenance for the Entire Software Lifecycle

  • A highly professional, experienced and well-trained team to handle your project

Benefits of Software
Maintenance and Support
from SYTOSS include:

  • Mature processes for the provision of maintenance and support services for various 3rd-party systems.
  • Highly affordable prices.

  • Broad experience in proactive monitoring.

  • Well-established maintenance releases procedures.

  • Seamless integration with your organization's existing technical processes based on the results of multi-faceted analysis, performed by our Business Analysts.

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