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SYTOSS is a full-cycle software outsourcing company in every sense of the term

What We Do

  • We skillfully develop complex software systems, including Enterprise software, from scratch, in their entirety and with great quality.

    We have done this many a time for a number of North-American, Eastern- and Western-European clients and have always lived up to their expectations.

    If you need an awesome app developed, you are halfway there by having found us.

  • We develop software in a well-known Eastern-European software outsourcing location and offer you the mode of cooperation that suits you best.

    We focus on Project-Based IT Outsourcing, but we also offer Dedicated Development Teams and Staff Augmentation.

    As a partner, we are amenable and totally flexible and we can always further tailor it all to your preferences.

  • We help you better define your needs around your business idea. The latter is all you need to start and succeed with us.

  • We guide you through all the possible implementation options and help you make important decisions optimally throughout the project's duration or, even, before the kick-off. Besides, you are always in the know about the current state of your project.

  • We cut your development costs nearly in half as compared with North America, Western Europe, most of the Middle East and ANZ. No fairy stories, no padded estimations, no padded bills, no semi-finished trinket instead of a product that comes with a depleted budget. No, not with us.

  • We harness a vast amount of experience from our numerous previous projects to help you reach your business goals and outdo the competition. We have seen and done quite a bit and are, often, able to add more value even to a sophisticated software product.

  • We make your journey to your business goal as hassle-free for you, as possible, to allow you to focus on your other goals, responsibilities and lifestyle. We know what's worth your attention and what's not. We are aware you have other things to take care of and enjoy.

We Offer
a Full Range
of Software Development Services

JAVA, .Net, C++, Oracle,
JavaScript, Angular, React,
SAP Hybris, TIBCO, Automation Testing

Engagement and Delivery Models:

Dedicated Development Team
Fixed Price Projects
Managed Software Development

Skills and Expertise



  • Java, .Net, C++, Python, PERL, Groovy

  • TypeScript, JavaScript



  • SQL, Oracle PL/SQL



  • SAP Hybris


  • MediationZone

  • Ericsson BSCS, Amdocs


Tools & Servers

  • Angular, React, ViewJS, Apache Isis

  • Selenium, JMeter, SoapUI, TestNG

  • IBM WebSphere, Tomcat, Jetty

  • Git, Jenkins, Atlassian products



  • Agile: SCRUM, Kanban

  • Domain-Driven Development & Design, Test-Driven Development, Integrated Software Development

  • Rapid Application Design, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design

  • Waterfall Approach, Spiral Approach, Prototyping Approach

The Benefits of Software Development Outsourcing with SYTOSS


Comprehensive Service Offering

SYTOSS is a team of highly qualified and experienced software engineers and system analysts with professional experience of 3-15 years. Thus, in addition to being able to develop awesome software for you, we can also perform in-depth business analysis, create all the required documentation and comprehensively test your software application.


Business and System Analysts

Businesses often face the challenge of finding the best business or technical solutions for their applications-to-be. SYTOSS employs a large in-house team of seasoned business analysts, whose professional experience ranges from 3 to 15 years and has been acquired by them while taking part in a number of high-complexity projects for clients in the Telecom, Banking, Energy and other verticals. Our business analysts can comprehensively analyze your company's business situation in order to make your software solution more comprehensive and competitive, as well as to minimize any possible need for cumbersome future additions and adjustments.

Software Development Outsourcing. SYTOSS Team

Talent Development Program

We have a well-tuned and multi-faceted Talent Development program that allows our employees to acquire new and hone their existing skills. The Program includes in-house knowledge transfer events, mentorship arrangements, participation in external industry events nationwide and more. It helps our company to maintain a high-quality, readily available in-house talent pool that can always be tapped into to assist our clients in implementing their projects.


Strong Recruitment Team

SYTOSS has a consummately experienced HR & Recruitment team that is well-acquainted with the Ukrainian IT labor market and affiliated with the local IT community. This, along with our access to one of Eastern Europe's largest IT talent pools, allows us to promptly fulfill our clients' needs for highly qualified IT resources.


Quick Start

In order to facilitate the take-off of your software development project and reduce your product's time-to-market, we can transfer 2-3 seasoned software engineers from one of our major projects within 1-3 weeks following the project's start. This will allow you to promptly build the core of your new development team.


We Always Keep Abreast of the Time

With SYTOSS, you can always be sure your application will be developed using cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that will both improve the quality of your software and speed up the development process.


Keep-the-Client-Informed Approach

We never just code, or jump at the first available option. Our software engineers always examine the task at hand from different angles, propose the more optimal solution and submit it for your review and approval.

Related Services

Business And System Analysis

SYTOSS is different from many software outsourcing providers in that our Business and System Analysis expertise is rooted in a number of complex implementation and system integration projects and dates back for years.

We employ and extremely strong team of Business and System Analysts who use a broadest range of Business Analysis tools and techniques to help companies such as yours better formulate and fulfill their business needs.

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Dedicated Development Team

Ukrainian dedicated development teams are renowned for their ability to establish great rapport with overseas in-house teams and their high professional qualifications.

Based in a premier Ukrainian software development hub center, SYTOSS is fully positioned to give you the best of what Ukraine as a software outsourcing destination has to offer.

We create powerful dedicated teams that consist of top-notch software developers in strict compliance with your requirements and we have a stellar project portfolio.

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Application Integration Services

As a Telco software developer, we have been involved in a number of system integration efforts for over 10 years now and have amassed a tremendous amount of experience in the integration of various Enterprise software systems.

Our development team includes several skilled Tibco developers who know how to integrate your software promptly, optimally, reliably and cost-effectively.

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