SAP Hybris Development Outsourcing to Ukraine

SAP Hybris is designed to take your B2C and B2B eCommerce business to a new level by allowing you to benefit from a full range of efficient and well-proven eCommerce tools.

We have long appreciated the true value of SAP Hybris as a customizable and feature-rich eCommerce and Retail platform, making it one of our company’s specialties. Being highly skilled Java developers with up to 15 years of software development experience, several of our software engineers have additionally acquired a considerable amount of hands-on SAP Hybris customization and integration experience.

We Provide SAP Hybris Customization and Implementation Services:

We are eager to support your smart choice of SAP Hybris as the driving force for your eCommerce, marketing, revenue, and sales streams.

Our Major Focus Area

SAP Hybris is a major focus area for SYTOSS. We continually invest in improving our SAP Hybris analysis, solution design, and development skills and encourage our best Java engineers to acquire SAP Hybris expertise.

At present, our SAP Hybris developers and solution designers are conversant with a broad range of customizable SAP Hybris functionality. More than once, they have successfully implemented these functional capabilities to the varying business needs of different companies.

To better match the peculiarities of your business situation, our SAP Hybris developers can work on your project in collaboration with our remarkably experienced Business & System Analysis team.

We can provide consummate TIBCO Application Integration skills and expertise in:

  • The development of services for SOA-driven, ESB-based integration of various enterprise-level systems.
  • The development of REST and SOAP-based services.

Our SAP Hybris Developers Are Skilled at Performing the Following Types of SAP Hybris Implementation:


CMS Components Customization

Creating custom SAP Hybris CMS components.


Workflows Customization

Customizing standard workflows and creating more complex versions of these workflows, while taking into account the specifics of our clients' business processes.


Back Office Customization

Customizing the SAP Hybris Back Office, including the creation of custom Back-Office components.

Our Lead SAP Hybris Developers

SAP Hybris Solution Architect

Yevgeny Vasilyev

Solution Architect / Sap Hybris Developer

Yevgeny Vasilyev’s working experience as a Java Developer and IT Manager engaged in Java development spans more than two decades and stems from his several stints with major international product-driven software vendors and custom software development companies.

During his career, Yevgeny has held the positions of Scrum Master, Project Manager, Solution Architect, and Delivery Manager. He has a great deal of expertise, related to Java development for the Telecom, Real Estate, and other industries.

Yevgeny Vasilyev graduated from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics with an MA degree in Software Engineering.

SAP Hybris Developer

Vadym Shevchenko

SAP HYBRIS Developer

Vadym Shevchenko is a highly qualified full-stack Java developer, who has spent all his career on board SYTOSS and has taken part in extremely complex Telecom projects for some of our strategic accounts.

One of Vadym’s specialties is SAP Hybris customization, and he is skilled in implementing a range of SAP Hybris and related functionality, including custom GUI components, customized workflows, application logic for SAP Hybris, and order-processing functionality.

Vadym Shevchenko is a graduate of Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics, and he holds an MA degree in Informatics from this university.

Implement Your Project With Our Seasoned SAP Hybris Developers!

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