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So, your business is really BIG enough to need more than just a regular-sized, run-of-the-mill sort of a software app, but you don't think what you need can be handled by a conventional software provider?

Or is everything just falling apart at the seams, you need an all-round, single solution, but No One seems to be able to fill the bill?

Whichever It Is, Many Can Relate, but Few Are Able to Help

We Are Among Those Few

Building robust enterprise software takes a synergy of skills and competences that are seldom combined in a single custom software provider.

Founded in 2010 by a group of high-caliber IT industry professionals and enterprise software development mavens, SYTOSS quickly ramped up to become a full-blown provider of enterprise-grade applications to major Telcos. 

Since then we have built dozens of major enterprise applications that provide wide-ranging and complex functionality, while being compliant with enhanced scalability, fail-safety and processing power-related requirements. Millions of businesses and individuals in Western Europe, the Middle East, and other geographies rely on these enterprise applications for their daily communications and digital needs. In addition, we also help some other, world-renowned international enterprise software development providers develop their solutions with better quality and at a lower cost.

For many years running, our enterprise software development business has shown a no less than 90% return business rate, and we have been repeatedly chosen for various new enterprise software development projects by our several regular enterprise clients over and over again.

However, since recently, our customer base includes several new arrivals. In particular, we now have Western-European clients in the Publishing & Printing industry. They have appreciated the true value of our enterprise software development skills and potential and chosen us as their custom enterprise software development partner.

As an enterprise software development provider, we have a range of advantages that make cooperation with us a golden opportunity for those on the lookout for an enterprise software development partner:


  • As a general rule, enterprise software development projects are major affairs and they can spin out of control disastrously when mismanaged. Our company has an extremely powerful Project Management team. Our PMs have what you can call heavy-duty skills in steering massive-scaled enterprise software development projects. Some of the projects we have successfully delivered have been participated in by up to 50 of our developers and lasted several years.

  • Enterprise-grade is nearly always synonymous to being well-though-out and based on solid business insights. Few nearshore custom software providers have full-value Business Analysis Departments of their own. But even those that do, rarely have Business Analysts with 3-15 years of BA experience in enterprise software design and enterprise software development. As you will have already guessed, we do we have such experts.

  • Usually, any enterprise application includes a LOT of diverse functionality that needs to be stitched together seamlessly and then accessed and managed centrally. In this regard, we have an edge over many custom enterprise software development providers in that we have:

    • A strong Application Integration practice, whose experts have successfully integrated up to 50 various complex enterprise software applications into a single corporate IT landscape.

    • Expertise in creating Single-Point-of-Access portals that allow one to efficiently manage multiple, discrete and diverse legacy applications.

  • As a rule, the need to integrate multiple software systems entails the need to migrate a truckload of variegated data. In most instances, this can pose quite a significant challenge. However, we would be up to this one, as we have done a mammoth amount of various Data Migration and our engineers are consummate pros in this area. 

  • Our company's main development technologies are Java and .Net. They are not only the most popular enterprise software development technologies, but are also ones that can provide enhanced security, - something most enterprise companies set a great store upon.

  • All the above development and other activities are performed by us out of our R&D center in Downtown Kharkiv, Ukraine. What does that get you?

    In addition to the rather moderate development rates and resulting costs (which, will, in due time, translate in a FORTUNE in saved funds, - after all, it’s an enterprise solution!), you will be able to benefit from the possibility to quickly expand your development team in a high-quality manner.

We know full well that choosing an enterprise software development provider is of utmost importance to any business. Concerning this, we are always prepared to go that extra mile to help you conveniently explore this opportunity and make an informed decision on it.

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