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SYTOSS is an enterprise software development provider.

We create and tailor above-average solutions for large-scale companies, businesses of enterprise-grade, incumbents, industry leaders, and heavyweights.

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Large-size businesses look for the custom enterprise software development to cover the need for digital transformation, get rid of enormous license fees as well as support and maintenance costs for proprietary software solutions, replace, eliminate and optimize dozens of modules, hundreds of systems, and a diversity of applications poorly connected in a bulky legacy software systems.

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Foundation Year


Delivered Projects

Repeat Customers

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We’ve Gained Expertise in Domains

We have an edge in implementing 50+ custom enterprise software solutions of diverse functionality stitched together seamlessly and accessed and managed centrally for various domains. Along with the traditional software development stack, we’ve tailored some of the cloud-based projects, AI-powered software, image, face, and object recognition-related applications, IoT, and blockchainb solutions.

We Are a Performing Enterprise Software Development Company

Skills and Competencies to Build a Robust Enterprise Application

Whether your business needs are to develop a custom enterprise application from the ground or to replace old, too-expensive-to-support software, we can help.

We can apply a full stack of proven software development technologies, including web and mobile enterprise application development. We use modern trends of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Neural Networks to complement enterprise digital transformation.

We serve BIG-LEAGUE PLAYERS that are TOO BIG to be Ordinary, TOO COMPLEX to fit the Usual Applications, and TOO SPECIFIC to be satisfied with the One-For-All Solutions.

A Reliable Approach to Industry-Specific Enterprise Software

If you call for an all-inclusive IT service provider, SYTOSS may be the perfect match to get the solution tailored to your business-specific processes, daily communications, and digital needs. Along with enterprise app development, we offer the business and system analysis, application integration, data migration, quality assurance as well as maintenance and support, including team lead guidance and account managers maintenance.


Big Deals Assisted by First-Rate Enterprise App Developers

With SYTOSS’s enterprise app developers, you are able to stay resource-effective and build your large-scale solutions with better quality and at a lower cost. Due to our location in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, we can provide our clients with dedicated teams possessing the true value of enterprise software development skills and potential under affordable rates.

Enterprise Software Developers' Stack

Big Deals Assisted by First-Rate Enterprise App Developers

With SYTOSS’s enterprise app developers, you are able to stay resource-effective and build your large-scale solutions with better quality and at a lower cost. Due to our location in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Eastern Europe, we can provide other software providers with dedicated teams possessing the true value of our enterprise software development skills and potential under affordable rates.

Partner an Enterprise Software Development Company as a Golden Opportunity


Leader-Driven Collaboration

Enterprise-grade is synonymous with being well-thought-out and based on solid business insights. At SYTOSS, we lead clients’ projects with the authority of our software architects, team leads, business analysts, and project managers with 5-20 years of experience in enterprise software design and enterprise application development.



To integrate multiple enterprise systems with lots of variegated data is a significant challenge, we know that for a fact. Our engineering experts are consummate pros in Data Migration, Applications Integration, and Single-Point-of-Access implementation.



We offer moderate development rates and resulting costs of enterprise solutions, as well as the possibility to quickly expand your development team in a high-quality manner.


Technologies & Security

Our company's main development technologies are Java, .Net, and Oracle the ones that can provide enhanced security — something most enterprise companies set a great store upon.

Just Tell Us About Your Enterprise Software Development Needs!

Domain-Specific Solutions


  • Mediation
  • Rating and Billing
  • Product Catalog
  • Ordering
  • Provisioning
  • CRM
  • Customer Cockpits
  • SelfCare


  • Trading Solutions


  • DAM Integration
  • 3D Solutions

Cloud & Integrations:

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Exoscale
  • Microservices
  • Stock Exchange Integration
  • Single Sign-On
  • Salesforce Integration

AI-Powered Solutions:

  • Face Recognition
  • FaceID
  • Image Recognition
  • Technical Vision
  • Object Counting
  • Emotion Recognition
  • Video Stream Processing

Tech and Stack:

  • Oracle
  • SAP Hybris
  • C++
  • Java
  • C#


  • Agile: SCRUM, Kanban
  • Domain-Driven Development & Design, Test-Driven Development, Integrated Software Development
  • Rapid Application Design, Object-Oriented Analysis & Design
  • Waterfall Approach, Spiral Approach, Prototyping Approach

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