Dedicated Teams To Add Value to Your Project With SYTOSS

A great way to hire developers is to do it with us. Regardless of whether you need a Dedicated Team to implement a project from the ground up, or to extend your in-house development team with one or two developers, SYTOSS is the right partner to approach.

With us, you can easily hire developers with varying amounts of experience and qualifications for a broad range of technologies, including Java, .Net/C#, C++, JavaScript, Angular, React, Android and iOS, Oracle, Hybris, and TIBCO.

Extend Your Team With Us

Why Ukraine

Ukrainian Software Development Company's Employee Retention Rate

200,000 in IT
Total 200K IT specialists work in Ukraine

29% are Experts
Ukrainian developers have 3-5 years of experience in IT

56% are Highly Skilled
Most Ukrainian developers have relevant higher education and technical background

No. 20 in the World
Ukraine is the No. 20 IT outsourcing country in the world

Dedicated Teams As Our Core Service Offering

Ever since our company’s inception more than a decade ago, we have been helping Western, Middle-Eastern, and other businesses hire talented software developers by creating highly efficient and affordable Dedicated Development Teams on their behalf. Thus, assisting overseas companies to hire developers from us has long become one of our core service offerings and competencies.

WeAssociate with clients to deliver a value they need
Coordinate a well-orchestrated teamwork
Solve tasks and negotiate requirements

Our Approach to Hiring Developers

We don’t simply hire developers and seat them on our premises, as many offshore software providers do. We put together well-articulated and efficient development teams and empower them to solve the task at hand. It would not be an exaggeration to say that we are massively experienced in managing Dedicated Teams on behalf of our clients. Some of the delivered projects have involved up to 60 of our dedicated developers, organized into several SCRUM teams.

To better fulfill your needs, we study your demands carefully and offer you solutions that are both in sync with all your requirements and include an array of valuable additional benefits and advantages.

Hire a Dedicated Team With Benefits and Advantages


Quick Start

In many instances, you can hire 1-2 developers almost immediately to form the core of your Dedicated Development Team with us.

The possibility for you to have a full-value Dedicated Team hand-picked for you within the shortest possible time, — 4-7 weeks merely.


Qualifications and Expertise

We can put together a Dedicated Team on your behalf, which can include not only highly skilled software and QA engineers, but also seasoned Business Analysts, Architects, and Designers.

Our company can always provide a highly qualified TL to lead your team and skilled PM to manage large projects.


Candidates Screening

Regular involvement of our senior software engineers in the candidate screening process helps our seasoned experts to interview your developer candidates in greater depth and hire those developers, who can benefit your project the most.



Being an European software development company, we provide you with an opportunity to cut your development costs by 40-50%, as compared with the development expenses, borne by businesses in the US, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, or Israel.

Our Lead Experts Who Can Add Value To Your Project

Why Our Dedicated Developers Differ


Seasoned Developers

We ensure our clients have the ability to hire solidly educated developers with an engineering mindset and a relevant university degree.


Flexibility and Transparency

Our cooperation with you stays transparent to you at all times. You will be kept posted on the progress made by your team in the way that you prefer and as frequently, as you like.


A Partner Within Easy Reach

You are also always welcome to visit your Dedicated Team. The same would be the case, if you want to hire dedicated software developers but would like to become better acquainted with your future outsourcing partner and their location first. We will always be glad to meet with you on our premises.


Flawless Communication

Almost all of our developers are experienced in interacting directly with the business stakeholders, technical officers, or in-house development teams of international clients. They are used to working in cross-border teams and have no difficulty in adapting to client company cultures or communicating with their foreign colleagues.

Hire Talented Developers to Create a Dedicated Team

Drop us a line to discuss how we can help hire professional dedicated developers!


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