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Right before our eyes Artificial Intelligence is making inroads both into the way we do business and our daily lives. It is revolutionizing them similar to how the onset of the information age rocked our life back in the 1990-s due to the rapdily growing use of computer networks.

During recent years, IBM, Google and even Facebook have been making heavy use of AI-based systems and they are going to invest, even, more of their passion and money in AI.

According to the most prominent IT and business thought leaders, the Artificial Intelligence era arrived in 2017 and now we are at its first peak. Evidence of this is a statement by CES 2018 to the effect that AI will shortly be embedded into everything you can imagine and cannot. Tomorrow your face-recognition fridge won't allow you to eat more than your electronic doctor has allowed, or give you a weather forecast and update you on your kids' heartbeat.

Don't miss this boat! Scale up your expertise, analyze your data, ground your predictions and just be better at whatever you are doing now with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

We  stay on the leading edge of all the AI trends and are always ready to provide you with innovative solutions in this area, as well as enhance your existing software with AI.



Data Mining and Statistics


Predictive Analytics


Text Mining


Face and Text Recognition

We use:

  • OpenFace

  • OpenCV

  • Sciklit-learn

  • Dlib

  • Tesseract-OCR

  • Python

  • Perl

  • C++

We can be an awesome Artificial Intelligence Partner as we are:

Artificial Intelligence Development Services

On the cutting-edge of Artificial Intelligence

We attend a large number of AI and Data Science conferences and tech talks to provide you with the latest technology solutions.


Educated and smart

Mathematicians with a science degree, working on your tasks.



We can explain to you in plain language how a specific neural network can make your life and software better.

Our Lead Experts

Artificial Intelligence Expert

Oksana Shirayeva


Oksana Shirayeva has spent more than 15 years in the software development industry, 13 out of those as a Business and System Analyst. She has worked on a number of Telecom, Banking, AI and EAI client projects.

During the last several years, Oksana has held the position of a Project Manager and led Sytoss’s large Business Analysis team. She takes great interest in Artificial Intelligence and is an active member of the domestic AI community and a frequent participant in various AI events.

Oksana Shirayeva holds a MA degree in Automation Control and Artificial Intelligence Systems from Zhukovsky Kharkiv National Aerospace University.

AI Expert

Valentin Lyubchenko

Senior Developer

Valentin Lyubchenko is an accomplished IT and Artificial Intelligence professional, whose experience stems from the areas of Billing, System Integration and Computer Vision. His experience in the former two areas is in excess of 10 years, while his experience in the development of Computer Vision systems constitutes 6 years.

Valentin is a senior C, C++, Java and OpenCV developer. He is the author and co-author of several publications on the theoretical and practical aspects of Image Processing that have appeared in various periodicals, including the International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Management Studies. He also works as a lecturer at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics.

Valentin Lyubchenko holds a MA degree in Informatics from Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics and a PhD in Mathematical Modelling and Image Processing from the same university.

Related Services and Expertise

Business and System Analysis

SYTOSS is different from many software outsourcing providers in that our Business and System Analysis expertise is rooted in a number of complex implementation and system integration projects and dates back for years.

We employ and extremely strong team of Business and System Analysts who use a broadest range of Business Analysis tools and techniques to help companies such as yours better formulate and fulfill their business needs.

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Java Development Services

As an Enterprise software market player, we are in love with Java, know it inside out and reckon it to be one of the most promising technologies for SYTOSS as a custom software provider.

Our excellence in Java stems from several dozen Enterprise-level projects, and B2B, B2C and B2E projects we have implemented for clients in the Telecom, Real Estate and eCommerce business domains.

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C++ Development for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Our C++ engineering team includes experts with up to 15 years of C++ development experience.

Our C++ developers use this awesome programming language to process large amounts of data for several reputable clients in the Telco sector. They know a lot of techniques and tricks that allow them to ensure great processing speed and quality. We also develop AI-based apps, and, more specifically, Face Recognition and Video Processing apps, in C++ for clients in other industry sectors.

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