Published: Sep 3, 2020

Companies look for an outsourcing development services provider and choose a dedicated team model to solve business needs by engaging remote experts that an in-house team is short of. Working with a remote development team is beneficial, as a company may skip recruiting processes while hiring a professional possessing the required skills and level of expertise. Ordering the services from an outsourcing development team allows freeing up or efficiently reorganizing corporate resources and processes. A dedicated team model supposes that a client provides management and coordinating activities. In contrast, building a team, inventory management, HR management, paperwork, accounting, administration and office-related choirs is a software development service provider’s responsibility.

How We Will Proceed With Your Inquiry to Form a Dedicated Development Team

In many instances, companies ordering offshore development services have no idea what will happen after their provider of choice starts processing their request for assistance. Knowing how a development vendor handles an inquiry may prevent you from overextended recruitment cycles, poorly staffed teams, time losses and the need to start looking for another provider after a while.

At SYTOSS, we try to keep our client relationships as transparent as possible from the outset and encourage our clients to share their requirements, strategic goals and long-term plans to build a dedicated team that will match their needs better.


What happens after you send us an email or complete the contact form?


Firstly your email is attended to by one of our Sales & Business Development folks who start dealing with it in a few minutes or within one hour, if out of the office. As a general rule, any new incoming inquiry is processed personally by our top Sales & Marketing Executive Dmytro, who’s got oodles of experience, is highly educated in both IT and business, has co-founded successful IT outfits, does pro-level Python and Frontend programming for a hobby and has, probably, rendered more happy clients than he can instantaneously remember. By the way, let us introduce him.

Alt Dmytro Zamura, Sales and Marketing Executive


With a view to ensuring greater flexibility and a quicker turnaround with our Technical Leadership and Departments, our client engagement and the related Recruitment are directly supervised by our General Manager, Iliya.

Iliya Pogodin, General Manager


Iliya is a strategic thinker who brings 20 years of diverse IT-related experience (software engineer, Business Analyst, CTO, Consultant) to our Recruitment and Team creation table. He is an old hand in making client relationships work, someone in possession of a wealth of PM and IT Project Recovery experience and just a nice person to deal with.

What happens next?


Usually, a dedicated team model works well for businesses that want to:

  • quickly launch an MVP, or
  • require experts with very specific skills, or
  • guarantee stable development of a long-term project with several stages and a broad scope of tasks.

To build a remote team that may deliver business value for our clients, we start by analyzing your needs and inquiries. We also collect internally the info we need and get back to you ASAP within a timeframe of 1-2 days. Typically, we provide fairly detailed answers to your questions. Moreover, we act proactive and ask you for additional information we may require. To communicate our questions, we invite you to a conference call (always held at your convenience) or pose the questions in our email reply.

What Do We Want to Know to Build a Dedicated Team? And Why?

  1. We definitely need to know more about the tech stack your project requires. To form a capable remote team and cover business needs, we gather all possible variations of technologies and skills that your project may demand throughout different development stages in order to fulfill your further plans of project evolution and expansion.


    A proactive approach is both time and cost savings to our clients.

    • As a development services provider, we may plan our recruitment strategy to provide experts with all the skills you are likely to need during the different stages of the project development.

    • Knowing your growth strategy, we can start training your dedicated team players to acquire the skills your project will demand at a later stage.

    • In the case of long-term project engagement, we can guide our Bench Team to gain the required skills and knowledge in accordance with your recommendations.

  2. We may need to know about your in-house team's professional qualifications and restrictions on your project budget.


    • Understanding the required level of effort can help us come up with the more optimal and cost-effective configuration of your dedicated team, geared toward effectively solving the task at hand.


As an outsourcing partner, we negotiate with our clients the legal aspects that hiring a dedicated team may require to cover at this stage.

Using our experience of effective cooperation, we have worked out templates of documents concerning information safety, intellectual property protection and service provision terms. In case our client prefers to prepare a contract on his side, our legal department is ready to make all necessary arrangements to make it mutually legitimate.

At further stages, we discuss, review and sign an agreement and other documents to ensure clarity of our business relations with a client. We don't sign an agreement before we know for sure we'd engage. Our primary focus is on forming, approving and configuring a dedicated team for a client.


Once we have agreed upon the team configuration, we get the team formation process underway at once. Your inquiry is now shared with our all-wise Lead Technical Experts and our awesome Recruitment Team.

Notably, our policy is to strive to immediately put at your disposal one or more well-proven developers we already employ. Starting a team formation with an engagement of the recommended experts is the approach that brings several obvious advantages: we know they will cope with the task and save some time for our clients, who need to start quickly.

Your new team's search will be supervised (or, most probably, even handled personally) by the charming Tatiana and Alena, our HR & Recruitment Team. They are highly educated in both HRM and Linguistics, have a wealth of experience in HRM and Recruitment, a good grasp of English and French and a penchant for finding candidates who are perfect fits for even the most demanding positions.

Recruitment Team at SYTOSS


Usually, it takes us 4-7 weeks to completely form a Dedicated Team

As soon as we have candidates that seem to meet your requirements, we conduct internal interviews with them in order to determine whether they would, in our opinion, be a good fit for your project.

Suppose our Recruitment Team and Technical Leads concur in the opinion that a candidate can make a valuable addition to your team. In that case, we send you this candidate’s CV and the related pricing (you can flexibly choose from the Hourly and Monthly payment models). For the candidates of interest to you, we organize an interview with them at your convenience.

After the positive outcome of the candidate’s interview with you, we compose a job offer and negotiate with you the terms and conditions of the candidate’s onboarding.


Configuring the team for you, we pick a Team Lead and appoint a seasoned Account Manager from the approved and assigned experts.

Simply put, the Account Manager’s tasks will be to make the whole thing (team-to-team and department-to-department interactions, meetings, conference calls, the various day-in-day-out activities, etc.) work like a clock-work. Correspondingly, we choose a professional with relevant skills and sufficient experience. A Team Lead and an Account Manager will be in regular touch with the person you will appoint to be the Team’s contact person on your end.

The Account Manager will organize and host daily and weekly meetings of all those involved and sum up their contents in an email to all the participants.

You will be able to contact your Account Manager at any time and escalate any kind of issues to them.

How to Ensure an Effective Formation of a Dedicated Team?

The main biases against hiring a remote development team from an outsourcing provider are delays, ambiguity and the lack of business value. To make a work with a dedicated team no-brainer, you may take the following steps:

  • define the communication channels to exchange information about your project;
  • assign responsible persons and share their roles and contacts within the team members;
  • communicate with your team regularly, including small talks and motivating activities;
  • share information about any changes in project functionality, initial requirements and strategic plans as soon as possible;
  • use cooperation tools for your convenience to track the project status and progress;
  • document all stages of your project development;
  • remember that you entrusted a project to a seasoned outsourcing partner of your choice.

And if there are still some questions left uncovered, you are welcome to tell us about your business needs, and we will consult you about how technologies may help with solving your tasks.

SYTOSS is a full-stack and full-cycle outsourcing vendor with 10+ years of expertise in Telecom, Fintech, Digital Commerce, Publishing, Digital Marketing, Healthcare and Shared Economy.