Published: Aug 21, 2020
Country - Global
Team - 4 Experts
4 Experts
Industry - FinTech
Time - 12 Months
12 Months


While using a trading platform, a client makes some actions every day. A trading platform's software generates large and complicated XML files that contain data about the operations performed via that trading platform. Customers want to monitor their performance, incomes and results of their actions over a trading platform.

The platform needs to provide a customer with a tool to get reports, track the trading operations' progress and status. We have become a software development partner to build a solution that converts data from XML files and prepares trading platform information for visualization on the client's dashboard.

Assigned experts

  • 2 Front-end developers
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 BA

Industry field

  • Trading
  • Stock Exchange


  • 12 months of implementation
  • lifetime change management
  • maintenance and support


A client's portal is the tool where trading platform clients can see a dashboard, tables and charts with the latest operations. Incomes, trends and other reference data from the dashboard help customers make data-driven decisions and perform further actions via a trading platform. A client portal uses the trading platform’s operational data to build a client's dashboard. To speed up data processing, we've built a parser to prepare the trading platform’s data for visualization.

Our solution requests a database for XML files, downloads them from the trading platform's FTP, parses data from them and uploads the prepared data back to a database. A client's portal uses the preprocessed data to provide a customer with relevant information about the trading platform’s account via web UI. The preprocessed trading data is used to build various charts and comparison tables. Analytical features, like suggestions of trends and forecasts about possible changes in the stock exchanges business environment, are also made based on operational data parsed from XML files.

Parser Development. Case Study

Technology Stack

.NET Core


The client's portal provides the trading platform’s users with relevant statistics and analytics. Visualization of trading data in charts and tables helps clients structure and understand operational data easily. With suggestions, trends and forecasts, information from a dashboard empowers trading platform customers to make data-driven decisions about trading operations.



Visualization of the trading platform client’s data runs faster as data is already prepared for use.


Data preprocessing frees computing power and resources for other operational needs of a trading platform.