Published: Sep 28, 2020
Country - Global
Team - 5 Experts
5 Experts
Industry - Publishing
Time - 18 Months
18 Months


A company from Belgium does its business by offering an online solution to simplify and automate graphics creation. A business provides its clients with a web-to-print e-commerce portal that allows converting graphics into editable templates online. The main goal is to deliver an online solution featuring a graphic editor to customize documents and automate design creation. The web-to-print portal value is that artworks created in a browser are ready for print or digital usage.

An online graphic editor is a scalable cloud solution intended to serve various clients from small-size companies to enterprises and global brands. Editing documents in a browser allows companies to keep their artworks up-to-date, create personalized designs to increase customer retention and use files for further printing or publishing seamlessly.

To keep the portal development process dynamic and ensure new functionality implementation, our client required a dedicated development team to strengthen an in-house core team. We’ve become an outsourcing partner that provided a remote team to cover the demands of quick new features releases, as well as improvements and updates of the existing web portal’s functionality.

Assigned experts

  • 5 developers


  • 18 months of implementation
  • lifetime change management
  • maintenance and support

Industry field

  • Publishing
  • Web-to-print portal


Our dedicated team enhanced the core development team of our client. We’ve participated in the development of the innovative online graphic editor comprising a variety of features.

Along with the in-house team, we have implemented new functionality, built new releases and improved the solution workflow. A delivered solution is a cloud service providing automatic updates and constant monitoring of its performance.

We’ve worked to keep an online editor user-friendly and easy-to-use. To ensure a web-to-print portal’s flexibility and scalability, we, as a dedicated team, worked on building an API to integrate the solution with third-party software, tools and systems.

Among possible integration partners, there can be listed providers of solutions for automation, brand management, digital asset management, digital publishing, document editing, management information systems, multi-channel publishing, product information management systems, packaging, Web-To-Print and workflow management.


  • A web portal allows online editing of graphic files, including vector graphics, bar-code and QR-code generators, built-in path editor and other sought-after features.
  • Users can create templates and dynamic layouts to automate artworks generation.
  • A portal allows users to easily control critical points in designs, such as fonts, mixed colors, typography and frame placement in dynamic layouts.
  • An online graphic editor provides users with the feature to render output files ready for print or publishing via digital channels.

Technology Stack



Besides being a part of a core product team and participating in developing a web-to-print portal to the full extent, our dedicated team ensures workflow stability. No matter what staff changes may occur in the core team, our client can always rely on our dedicated developers.

Balancing workload, doing strategic and tactical planning is much more comfortable with a dedicated team engaged at all the stages of the software development. An experienced dedicated team can minimize risks of delay and expired deadlines.

A cooperation with a dedicated team allows our client to deliver a reliable web-to-print solution, keeping an eye on testing, improving and upgrading the system.



Enhancing the core development team with a remote dedicated team allows our client to stay focused and achieve business goals.


Our dedicated team ensures ongoing service improvement and implements new features for every web-to-print portal’s release.


Our client can efficiently plan the portal’s development and a backlog of functionality and free an inhouse team from boring or repetitive work.