Published: Aug 21, 2020
Country - Global
Team - 4 Experts
4 Experts
Industry - FinTech
Time - 12 Months
12 Months


The broker company faced high bounce rates when clients tried to sign up for trading platform services. Trading is supposed to be an area that requires specific knowledge. A broker company wanted to promote a trading platform's functionality among non-traders and engage broader audiences. A trading platform offers access to stock exchanges from 135 countries to trade shares, options, futures, sprinters, turbos, speeders, currencies, ETF’s, metals, warrants, mutual funds and bonds. Web and mobile applications allow clients to trade on-the-go, monitor activities and make investments. A trading platform provides relevant functionality for different accounts of professional traders and individual beginners.

Ordinary people often are afraid even to try using a trading platform. And one of the reasons for the biases against is that trading activities are hard to understand. The old registration interface of a trading platform was too complicated and required filling in a bunch of application forms with data. Trading platform’s users often do not know why they need to provide so much personal information. They got tired of filling in all those endless application forms. Customers often give up completing a registration form, and their journey ends even without starting using a trading platform functionality.

The trading platform needs a solution to help this group of customers on their journey and engage ordinary people using a stock exchange functionality.

Assigned experts

  • 2 Front-end developers
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 BA


  • 4 months of implementation
  • lifetime change management
  • maintenance and support

Industry field

  • Trading
  • Stock Exchange


To simplify a users’ roadmap and provide them with a more convenient and intuitive interface, we’ve developed a responsive web application for creating accounts in the client’s portal of a trading platform.

We analyzed the path and steps that a trading platform’s user should take to go through a registration process to determine which one to exclude or automate. The research revealed that we could use technologies to autofill some information for a user and fill input fields with hints. For example, after a user enters a phone number, our trading platform application could suggest a country and autocomplete the relevant input field

A mobile responsive UI allows customers to register via a developed trading platform app from any device of their choice. An intuitive interface and autocompletion of input fields add to user convenience. A delivered solution is designed scalable to cover the potential need for load growth.

Registration Application Development. Case study

Technology Stack

.NET Core


The registration application decreases the number of screens and information a user should type in and speeds up the creation of a trading platform account. It also simplifies the registration process, improves the trading platform client's experience and decreases the bounce rate.

We've managed to minimize the number of steps and efforts a user should take to finish the trading platform registration. Besides an intuitive and convenient interface, we have implemented technologies to autofill input fields and ask a trading platform’s user to enter as little information as possible.



An intuitive UI with autocomplete input fields replaced the old complicated application forms of a trading platform


An intuitive UI with autocomplete input fields replaced the old complicated application forms of a trading platform.


The time required for completion of the registration for a trading platform decreased significantly.