Published: Aug 1, 2020
Country - Global
Team - 4 Experts
4 Experts
Industry - FinTech
Time - 12 Months
12 Months


A trading platform uses Zoho CRM to manage customers and sales deals. Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management software released by Zoho Corporation in 2005. Today over 150,000 businesses use CRM worldwide. It gains rewards and recognition not only from customers but also from analysts and experts from Gartner, Forbes, PCMag, Software World, SaaSworthy, Capterra, GetApp and other trusted authorities. Among the functionality that attracts enterprise-grade customers, Zoho CRM accumulates large amounts of business data, executes processes, including specific business cases, and allows integration with other applications or third-party solutions.

Our client, a global broker’s company, involves independent traders who also engage new customers to use a trading platform to boost sales. Independent sales agents get bonuses for involving consumers to use trading platform functionality. A trading business requires a management tool for these agents. The default CRM features do not allow the proper level of access restriction so that independent agents could monitor their statistics but could not access clients' sensitive information.

Assigned experts

  • 2 Front-end developers
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 BA


  • 12 months of implementation
  • lifetime change management
  • maintenance and support

Industry field

  • Trading
  • Stock Exchange


Using Zoho REST API, we've built the integration with Zoho CRM for a trading platform and developed a web application to show independent agents' statistics. Our solution helps a trading platform manage all sales channels, including independent sales representatives, using the same software. Zoho CRM functionality lacks features to manage special business cases and configurations of access restrictions. We’ve developed an integrated web application to solve this business case and connect trading platforms’ CRM with independent sellers. Via a trading platform’s web interface, agents access the dashboard to view their data only. Our integrated solution protects trading platform clients' personal information from being disclosed to unauthorized personnel by restricting access to the full functionality of the CRM.

Integration with Zoho CRM. Case Study

Technology Stack

.NET Core


An integrated solution allows a broker's company to use the same CRM tool to manage all the types of clients' relations in one place unless cooperation with independent sales agents is an exceptional business case. Thanks to our delivered solution, a trading platform can set permissions and show independent traders' statistics only. Integration helps to ensure the required level of personal data protection.

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An integrated solution allows a trading platform to keep using a single CRM software even for exceptional business cases.


Independent traders of a trading platform can use a web dashboard to check their statistics and bonuses online.