Nearshore Software Development Service Offering

You must have heard it all a bazillion of times and don’t need to be told just once again about the many benefits a well-chosen nearshore software development arrangement can afford. No, no talking up of the nearshore software outsourcing model here, we’ll spare you that.

If you are reading this, you are a lot more likely to be interested in how to make the right pick of a nearshore software provider in the relative vicinity of your location. Also, you, most probably, already know that while nearshore opportunities are, seemingly, galore, the vast majority of them either fall short of something important or, putting it bluntly, inspire little trust. So, what and how to choose?

We’ll try to help by offering you a ”reinforced” nearshore development option we’ve been perfecting over a long spell now and designed to stop the gaps most similar nearshore offerings still proudly keep open. As a company with a highly suitable and favorable nearshore location and a tremendous wealth of experience in dealing with variously sized businesses from Western Europe and the Middle East, we’ve also geared our nearshore software development service toward businesses in Western Europe, Israel, the UAE, and Turkey.

Reasons Why Our Nearshore Services Can Be of Interest to You



Whenever required, the immediate allocation of 1-2 seasoned Software Developers to form the core of your Dedicated Team is possible for the majority of our clients’ nearshore development requests. In addition to the reputation of a highly desirable employer, we also have a well-seasoned Recruitment team that has very robust connections in the local IT community. Whoever of developers is not readily available shall be found by them on your behalf additionally in the shortest possible time. We can create a full-blown and fully efficient nearshore software development team for you in 3 to 7 weeks (depending on the technology stack you need). It is highly unlikely that somebody else with a viable nearshore offering can outgun us here.
Management and</br>Expertise

Management and

Our Management and Senior Technical experts have been working together for over 15 years and gained 20+ years of experience in the development of bespoke software. Yes, it is these folks who will steer your project if you choose to employ our nearshore development services. Regular involvement of our senior software engineers in the candidate screening process helps our seasoned experts to interview your developer candidates in greater depth and hire those developers, who can benefit your project the most. All the 150+ software developers, QA engineers, and Business Analysts hold a relevant university degree. SYTOSS team's respective professional experience ranges from 3 to 20+ years. All of our experts have successfully taken part in developing complex solutions for international clients.


We offer the kind of Eastern-European Pricing for nearshore development you are bound to fall in love with. While the inability to find experts locally may be the primary reason for you looking for nearshore software development assistance, we think you could well use a whopping 40-50% reduction in your development costs if working with us and spend saved funds more profitably. Please note, there is no compromise on quality involved whatsoever. You get university-educated and professionally experienced engineering professionals as your nearshore outsourcing development team, and not just a bunch of new-fangled coders.
Premier Outsourcing</br>Location

Premier Outsourcing

You can barely ever wish for a more favorably located nearshore development partner, than us. Not only we are based close to (and smack dab in between) European target markets, but we are also based in one of Eastern Europe’s premier software development and outsourcing hub centers where IT is close to becoming a household name. Our local IT community, reportedly, consists of some 25 000 IT experts and that’s something you may want to take into consideration if you are planning to expand your nearshore team in the long run. And yes, travel to Kharkiv is convenient, easy, and relatively very inexpensive. The city sports multiple and diverse European-style hospitality facilities.
 Business</br>Analysis and Estimates

Analysis and Estimates

Some, more complex projects, require more than just software development expertise. Knowledge-intensive Business Analysis, skilled and cost-effective Quality Assurance, and talented Project Management can all become a necessity all of a sudden. We have all the above ingredients in the finest quality and readily available at SYTOSS. Unlike with many other software outfits, the estimates we provide are composed by Business Analysts with 3-10 years of BA experience, and not by software developers. This approach allows us to increase our estimates’ accuracy, which, in turn, entails several major competitive advantages, such as better budget spending, shorter time-to-market, and absence of the need to make major changes during the later stages of the development effort, to name but a few.


We will provide an experienced Account Manager, who will see to your Development project, that all the project-related interactions are smooth, productive, and efficient. The Account Manager will take care of all the routine tasks and help to solve any issues that may arise. He will ensure that your nearshore development arrangement is in sync with the project goals and your company culture. Our engineers have a proven ability to collaborate seamlessly with international clients’ distanced in-house teams. Be it Western Europe, the Middle East or the States, — we’ll fine-tune the interactions to benefit the process as much, as possible. All of our software engineers have a working grasp of both written and spoken English.


Let’s discuss your IT needs, so we could provide you with business-specific partnership possibilities.

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