Software Development Outsourcing To Eastern Europe. Promptly, Reliably, and Affordably

We are a Kharkiv, Ukraine-based provider of bespoke software, whose business has been centered on one form of software outsourcing or another for around 10 years now. The core of our team is composed of veteran IT professionals who have spent up to 20 years in the IT industry, steering or implementing otherwise outsourced software development projects.

Skilled IT resources

As a Ukrainian IT company, we have immeasurable highly skilled IT resources within our reach. Moreover, we have the skills to engage with and manage those resources we’ve been honing for more than two decades now. We are equally proficient in Project-Based Outsourcing and Team Augmentation, and we know how to steer even extremely massive-scale and complex projects to success.

Depending on which of the two options is of more interest and relevance to you, we can either put together a tailored Dedicated Team (within 3-7 weeks) to implement your project or augment your current project team in a high-quality fashion and within a minimum timeframe. For most technologies, the latter would not exceed 3-5 weeks regardless of the skill level required by your project.

Our case studies

Many of the projects we have delivered to our Western-European and Middle-Eastern clients have had every trait of an imposing software development challenge. Some of the projects have been ongoing for more than 7 years and involved up to 50 of our software engineers and PMs, split into multiple Scrum teams.

Our professionalism, eagerness to help, and flexibility have forged an array of long-lasting and rewarding relationships. We are not Like a local auto parts store in some rural boondocks, some 90% of our projects are repeat business. Don’t you think our retention rate speaks for itself?


Why Choosing Us As an Outsourcing Software Development Partner?

When it deals with the outsourcing of software development, we can bring quite a bit to the table. We offer a range of advantages and benefits. Each one of those can be central to your project’s success or just something you need in a big way. Take a look through our strengths, — some of them may ring the bells and fit your expectations.



SYTOSS team comprises highly educated IT professionals with an engineering mindset, 3-20 years of relevant software development, testing or design experience, and a working command of English.


Working with us, you may benefit from a dramatic reduction (up to 50%) in your development costs as compared with those you bear in-house in the West. Moreover, we deliver projects with a great value-for-money ratio and not sweatshop-produced crummy code.


If you require an expeditious start of your project and a faster time to market, we can start with assigning 2 or 3 developers from our main team. Along with forming the core of your dedicated team, we can start a search for experts to full-staff or enhance your outsourced software development process.


Our location that is within easy reach and boasts European-level travel and hospitality facilities leaves no limits for our clients to come and visit us and meet an outsourcing team in person.
Analysis and</br>Management

Analysis and

At our site, our clients’ projects are guided by seasoned PMs who really know their stuff and have performed successfully in managing major projects previously. We are truly full-cycle, with an enormously experienced 8-experts-strong Business Analysis Department to corroborate this claim. You can check it with your outsourcing development request.


We ensure a transparent and thorough screening process that includes interviews with mature developers who have an excellent command of the corresponding technology. Of course, you can visit your dedicated team whenever you want and get our fullest support in this matter.


Let’s discuss your IT needs, so we could provide you with business-specific partnership possibilities.

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