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Our competence is the formation of qualified teams to fit your business needs and implement complex, enterprise-scale, commercial-level, and industry-specific software solutions and products.

We’ve gained credibility globally


Online trading application, Cyprus


Application integration, Bulgaria


Systems integration, Germany


CRM and Salesforce integration, The USA


BSS/OSS solution development & implementation, Austria


Printing & assets management, Belgium

Shared Economy

Office space management system, The UK

ML & AI-powered

Image recognition, Sweden


Product implementation, Israel


Telecom Billing solution implementation, Austria

Preparing grounds

The company has grown from the long-running teamwork of veteran IT professionals lasting for 19 years. The genesis started in 2002 when our leaders worked as an IT experts team on an enterprise Telecom project. The following 8 years were the period of freelance cooperation with a major telecom provider.

Rise & establishment

In 2010 SYTOSS was registered as a software development company providing custom IT services. And cooperation with Telcos continued on a new level, including scaling and tailoring enterprise solutions, replacing monolith software and application integration within industry-premium software systems.

Our company was building its presence through the years, increasing the number of clients, industries and employees, growing skills and competencies, and gaining new technologies, expertise and proficiency.

Thrive with us today

SYTOSS’s core service is qualified assistance in building dedicated teams for medium and large-sized businesses, which have a need to develop, integrate and tailor industry-specific solutions or enterprise-scale software, as well as product-driven startups.

Hire dedicated teams with us to implement your software development projects and achieve your business goals smarter, write to us today.


Let’s discuss your IT needs, project ideas and plans with us, so we could provide you with business-specific partnership possibilities.

Dependable software development teams to bring a business closer to your goals

Lasting business</br>relationships

Lasting business

We build cooperation with our clients as a long-term strategy based on trust, understanding, and transparency for every project.


Our clients manage their dedicated teams while we ensure infrastructure, operations, payroll and resource management.


We form teams according to our clients’ business demands and requirements, respect their corporate culture, appreciate their choice and understand that we thrive on their success.


We learn as much as possible about our clients’ verticals, business processes, goals and look for the best technologies and solutions for their business tasks.


We comply with our clients’ needs, understand our role, help to achieve their business goals, and realize the responsibility we share
Knowledgeable and</br>capable

Knowledgeable and

We offer only proven and tested solutions to optimize processes, improve performance and bring additional value to our clients’ businesses.

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