Published: Apr 4, 2019

Our company is proud to announce its Information Partner involvement in the increasingly popular Colins AI conference , held annually and devoted this year to the most recent advances in Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Systems. The Conference is due to take place April 18-19, 2019, and will be hosted by the National Technical University NTU "KhPI" (Kharkiv, Ukraine).

CoLins Conference dates back to 2012 and draws a significant number of attendees from both Ukraine and overseas. It is indexed in an array of world-known and prestigious scientific research sources, including SCOPUS, DBLP, and Google Scholar. The Conference creates ample opportunity for PhD students, students and young scholars to share their AI-related knowledge and ideas, as well as present the results of their AI research to a cutting-edge international AI audience.

As a company in possession of a well-established AI practice, which, among other things, has developed a sophisticated proprietary Face Recognition software product, we will both be glad to render information and consulting assistance to the organizers of this remarkable AI event.