Published: Oct 22, 2020
Country - Global
Team - 4 Experts
4 Experts
Industry - Publishing
Time - 5 Months
5 Months


A mission of a web-to-print e-commerce portal from Belgium is simplification and automation of graphic creation. With the help of an online toolset, users can edit graphic files, convert static graphics into dynamic layouts and generate output files. The template builder is the solution for design creation automation. Multiple artworks can be created automatically from the dynamic templates with the help of a web-to-print portal. Output files from an online editor are ready for print or publishing on digital platforms.

A web-to-print portal is a cloud service scalable to fit the business needs of differently sized companies. Individual entrepreneurs, small firms, enterprises and global brands can update their designs online anytime and anywhere and use them immediately. The creation of personalized artworks using templates can help businesses increase customer retention. Designers can automate similar artworks generation and render output files ready for print or digital usage on-the-go.

Simplification, flexibility and automation of design creation are the business values that a web-to-print portal offers for companies. Possibilities to render output files for further printing and digital publishing add value to the online editor. A web-to-print portal sees its mission in implementing new functionality to add even more value to the service. Integration with digital asset management systems may help a web-to-print portal to engage global brands. We’ve become a system integration and software development partner and implemented DAM system integration for Bynder and Aprimo.

Assigned experts

  • 3 developers


  • 5 months of implementation
  • maintenance and support

Industry field

  • Digital Asset Management
  • Web-to-print portal


As an extension of functionality meeting the business needs of web-to-print portal customers, an online solution faced the need to manage the numerous artworks generated with automation tools and dynamic templates. When creating many similar customized and personalized files for particular customers or specific business cases, they all may turn into an uncontrollable mess. And a web-to-print portal should offer businesses a solution to manage artwork databases, store visual content systematically, search for files, control versioning and revisions, etc.

Following the online editing service development strategy and a mission to deliver values a business is longing for, DAM system integration is one of the most demanded solutions. Often big-scaled companies use digital asset management systems to operate their content. And as long as an online editor is a cloud-hosted service, it may be integrated with DAMs with the help of REST API.

Our client approached us with a request to integrate their web-to-print portal with the two popular digital asset management systems to validate and check the chosen development strategy effectiveness. Using REST APIs, we’ve implemented the DAM systems integration with Bynder and Aprimo as the first stage of the integration strategy for digital asset management systems. Our client is now evaluating the results and planning on increasing the number of integrations with DAMs and other technology partners and products. As a starting point, integration with Bynder and Aprimo enhances the functionality of a web-to-print portal and adds business value to the online service.

What is DAM?

Digital asset management (DAM) is a software intended to store, share and organize digital assets in one place. Consolidation of assets expands the benefits of virtual files such as images, artworks, packaging, videos and other media. Primarily, DAM is a company’s content sharing and storage solution.

Technology Stack

Bynder API


A web-to-print portal offering is a simplified and automated graphics creation tool. A business can quickly generate a bundle of customized artworks thanks to the dynamic template feature. With the integration of digital asset management systems, web-to-print portal users can control and manage large bulks of output files the way their business processes require.

Integration with the popular DAM systems, Bynder and Aprimo, enhances the attractiveness of a web-to-portal solution for enterprise-grade and global businesses. Companies may use the functionality of an online graphic editor boosted with digital asset management features.

A company may create a design, customize it, generate output files for print or digital use and manage them in a browser. With the integration between a web-to-print portal and a digital asset management system, a business can access, distribute and manage artworks wherever and whenever it needs them.

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Having a solution to manage a large number of graphic files, a business can easily increase the personified promotions issuing.


Integration of cloud services such as a web-to-print portal and a DAM gives the maximum possible flexibility of cooperation, editing and revisioning graphics online and on-the-go.


A company can use online graphic editing tools and digital asset management solutions in the same business environment.