What Can We Do to Fulfill Your Java Enterprise Application Development Needs?

The answer is simple: literally ANYTHING.

More specifically, we can develop a Java enterprise application for you from scratch, regardless of the system’s size or how intricate the functionality of this system must be.

A successful recipe for developing robust and well-performing enterprise-grade software is always one that includes a diverse host of rare ingredients and takes a great deal of skill to implement. We have all these ingredients readily available, in fine quality and large supply.

Top-notch Java developers? Seasoned enterprise-savvy Business Analysts? Omniscient Java Architects, capable of giving your application an optimal and easily scalable architecture? You can find it all here, along with the experience we have gleaned from dozens of other enterprise software development, application integration, and data migration projects.

The Full Range of Java Enterprise Application Development Services. All in One Place. All in Premium Quality

What Are the Benefits of Developing an Enterprise Java Application with Us, in More Detail?

  • Your business needs will be looked into and documented as requirements by Business Analysts with 3-15 years of experience in creating enterprise-grade applications.

  • The architecture of your enterprise Java application will be designed by someone who has Java architecture design skills on their fingertips: we have Java Architects with some 20 years of Java development and architecture design experience. For an enterprise application, the architecture design is like a foundation for a home: make sure your one will be robust and intelligent enough to let your solution grow.

  • Your application will be developed by talented and highly educated Java software engineers.

  • All the Java apps we have developed have a very high level of security and a high processing power. Your one will be no exception.

  • While, generally, a very minor issue when part of smaller software projects, Data Migration can become a significant factor with enterprise-grade applications. In many instances, a failure to use optimal data migration tools and algorithms results in overextended calculations, a considerable amount of downtime and financial losses.

  • Enterprise apps seldom stay in solitude. Most often, they become part of larger solutions. Thus, major Application Integration becomes part of the deal and it is, frequently, something of an ordeal for both less experienced development teams and project owners.

    Ask us for details, and you will have no doubt left our Application Integration experience can ensure a seamless merger of all your enterprise software, no matter how sophisticated, disparate, or diverse.

  • We understand how important time-to-market is for our clients. With this in mind, we will assign 2-3 well-qualified Java developers to your project with almost immediate effect for the project to kick off sooner. At the same time, we have a vast amount of experience in running and managing projects with up to 50 participants, grouped in several teams, including developers, testers, analysts and delivery and release managers. We have handled the implemenation of such projects using both Agile and strict methodologies.

  • We are broadly experienced in the development of Microservices-driven Java applications, and we can use this approach in developing your application. This will make your software a lot more flexible and scalable.

  • We are based in a premier Eastern-European software development hub center and that speaks for itself when it comes to cost savings.

    Given the right pick of a local IT provider, our location can provide a stupendous value-for-money ratio. We have no idea about the expenses you bear developing software in your location, but our guess would be you will save 40-50% of your budget, as compared with what you will pay in North America, Western Europe, a large part of the Middle East, Australia, or New Zealand.

  • We keep our client relationships totally transparent and flexible. You are always welcome to visit your team in person, or discuss our cooperation with you to further adjust it to your needs and business situation.

  • We offer a contractually defined Service Level Agreement on the reaction times for solving issues on the production systems.

Our Service Level Agreement includes:

  • A guarantee of free-of-charge after-sale support, stipulated contractually. Any bugs that may be present, including critical and time-consuming ones, will be fixed by us gratis during 6 months following the project's delivery.
  • Strict confidentiality of all your project-related information, ensured by means of several easily enforced legal agreements that are signed with each one of our software engineers.
  • Protection of your IP rights.
  • Physical safety and technical security of all your data.
  • A robust technical infrastructure to support the development process.

Why Do We Think We Can Develop a Great Enterprise Java Application for You?

We have been in business since 2010, but yet long before we came to be known as SYTOSS, most of our Management and senior software-engineering experts had been extensively engaged in developing various enterprise-grade Java Telecom applications together. Subsequently, we further honed our skills while using the knowledge we had gained to develop B2B enterprise software systems in business domains, other than Telecom.

Under our current name, we have created dozens of massive-scaled and sophisticated enterprise-grade applications for some of Western and Eastern Europe’s Telecom companies and other well-known hi-tech Western businesses. All of these applications have invariably been successful in helping our clients reach their target business goals.

We can help you reach yours just as well.

What Our Clients Say

An Enterprise Java Applications Development Project - Testimonial

Thomas Kamsker

"I've had the benefit of closely working with many members of this awesome team ever since 2004. We've relied heavily on SYTOSS on a number of occasions and they've been central to the success of no less than a dozen complex projects I was in a charge of implementing. Their developers are very good and fast and the best is they keep up this quality now in generations of developers.

As a software provider, they know most things Telecom inside out. I believe SYTOSS is an incredible partner, - hugely knowledgeable, dependable and easy to deal with."

Enterprise Architect
Java Software Development Project - Testimonial

Dmitry Sergey

"We’ve been collaborating with Sytoss extensively on a massive-scaled project for the Belarussian Telecom giant Velcom and have found them to be highly professional, cooperative and dependable. Their experts have an in-depth understanding of the Telecom business processes and they are, certainly, very competent as IT professionals.

We hope our cooperation with SYTOSS will continue and we look forward to working together with them on other Telco projects."


Custom Java Application Development Project - Testimonial

Manfred Schüller

"I’ve been collaborating with their core team for close to 15 years and I've also been working with them as SYTOSS for over 6 years.

As SYTOSS, they’ve been instrumental in implementing a mission-critical Billing project of nationwide importance and they’ve done a great job of it, - across the board…. Superior quality, an amazing ability to overcome any technical challenges, the ability deliver extremely complex and large-scale functionality, - I think SYTOSS has everything to make a fabulous technology partner, both highly competent and very reliable...

Billing Delivery Lead

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