What Makes Us a Great Partner to Hire Java Developers in Ukraine

A Java-driven company technology-wise, we have honed to perfection the art of creating tailored teams of Java developers to fulfill our clients’ varying Java development needs.


Our team and location

Currently, we employ more than 70+ highly skilled Java developers, who have 3-15 years of Java development experience. All of the Java developers we employ are university-educated IT professionals with an engineering mindset, a passion for programming, and a good grasp of English.

Our location in Kharkiv, Ukraine, makes it possible for us to cut our clients' Java development costs by 30-50%, as compared with such costs in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, or the UAE.

We also have immediate access to one of Eastern Europe’s brightest IT talent pools. All this can help us fulfill your Java development needs, solve any of your Java-related problems, and pack a punch for your Java development process otherwise.

Our case studies

You can benefit from the ability to hire the highly-skilled Java engineers, who will form the core of your team, as well as from the highly attractive pricing. Besides, this option also brings the additional advantage of simple and efficient budgeting, and allows our clients to easily plan the scaling of dedicated Java development teams.


How the Communication With Your Java Developers Will Be Organized

As far as long-term project engagements are concerned, there are two ways we can add value to your Java development project:

  • The current members of your Java Development Team can be trained by us additionally (and at our own expense) for them to acquire any required project-specific skills or knowledge. This approach allows our Java developers to contribute to your project more valuably.
  • To better fulfill likely future project needs, we can train the Java developers of our Bench Team in advance. We will train these Java developers under your requirements so that they will gain any additional skills, required by your Java development project.

Our Java Application Development Service Level Agreement Includes:



We guarantee that the hiring of any new Java developer or replacement of any of the current Java Development team members for our clients shall be performed within a specified time.


We provide a robust technical infrastructure to support your Java development process.


At SYTOSS, we ensure strict confidentiality of all your project-related information, assured through several easily enforced legal agreements that are signed with each one of our Java software engineers.
IP Protection</br>and Security

IP Protection
and Security

We care about the protection of your IP (intellectual property)rights as well as the physical safety and technical security of all of your data.


Let’s discuss your IT needs, so we could provide you with business-specific partnership possibilities.