A Well-Established Java Development Company

Java has been the technology behind most of the numerous great things we‘ve created.

Based in the city of Kharkiv in the Easternmost part of Ukraine, SYTOSS is one of the leading Java-focused custom software providers in the whole of Eastern Europe.

Our teams assist many businesses to deliver globally


Online trading application, Cyprus


Application integration, Bulgaria


Systems integration, Germany


CRM and Salesforce integration, The USA


Enterprise software, Austria


Printing & assets management, Belgium

Shared Economy

Office space management system, The UK

ML & AI-powered

Image recognition, Sweden


Product implementation, Israel


BSS/OSS solution implementation, Belarus

Enterprise-scale services

There are a number of qualities we have as a software provider that make us a Java development company in every sense of the term. This includes the scale and number of the Java development projects we have implemented, the breadth and quality of our Java service offering, and the grasp of Java knowledge and skills our engineers have.

Being an enterprise software development company, throughout our history we have learned to harness the full potential of Java to solve complex tasks. Coupled with the nearshore benefits our location in Eastern Europe creates, our skills and experience make us a worthwhile candidate provider for anyone looking to go nearshore with their Java development needs.

Our case studies

Certainly, the best proof of our mastery in Java is our Java project portfolio. It features several dozens of large-scale, enterprise-grade Java development projects we have implemented for Western-European Telco heavyweights, as well as an array of smaller projects for Western and Middle-Eastern clients in the Real Estate, eCommerce, and other verticals.

Our involvement in the listed above projects has helped us become conversant with using Java to develop Billing, Ordering, Rating, Invoicing, CRM, Document Management, Time Management, and other diverse functionality.


Our Service Level Agreement Includes:



At SYTOSS, we guarantee of free-of-charge after-sale support stipulated contractually. Any bugs that may be present in our clients' project, including critical and time-consuming ones, will be fixed by us gratis for 6 months following the project's delivery.


We provide a robust technical infrastructure to support your Java development process.


We ensure strict confidentiality of all your project-related information, assured through several easily enforced legal agreements that are signed with each one of our Java software engineers.
IP Protection</br>and Security

IP Protection
and Security

We care about the protection of your IP (intellectual property) rights as well as the physical safety and technical security of all of your data.


Let’s discuss your IT needs, project ideas and plans with us, so we could provide you with business-specific partnership possibilities.

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