A Java Development Company With A Comprehensive Java Service Offering

Java Served to Your Taste

Java has been the technology behind most of the numerous great things we‘ve created.

Based in the city of Kharkiv in the Easternmost part of Ukraine, SYTOSS is one of the leading Java-focused custom software providers in the whole of Eastern Europe.

There are a number of qualities we have as a software provider that make us a Java development company in every sense of the term. This includes the scale and number of the Java development projects we have implemented, the breadth and quality of our Java service offering, and the grasp of Java our engineers have.

An enterprise software development company throughout our history, we have learned to harness the full potential of Java to solve complex tasks. Coupled with the nearshore benefits our location in Eastern Europe creates, our skills and experience make us a worthwhile candidate provider for anyone looking to go nearshore with their Java development needs.


Our Java Development Service Offering

While the bulk of our Java service offering consists in Java software development proper, this offering extends far beyond the mere development of custom software in Java. When it comes to Java, we are your all-round provider in any adjacent technology area that involves using this programming technology.

More specifically, our Java Service Offering includes the following services, all of which can be rendered and consumed as a separate service:

A Well-Established Java Development Company: Our Java Development Force, Experience, and Java-Related Portfolio

Java has been our main specialty for close to a decade now. Presently, we employ 50+ Java developers and Java Architects and this number is continually on the rise.

Java developers constitute some 70% of our development force. They have a very strong command of almost the entirety of the Java technology stack. The development experience of the majority of our Java software engineers equals 5-6 years,  while the Java development experience of several of our Java developers exceeds the above figure by a factor of 2 or 3.

Certainly, the best proof of our mastery in Java is our Java project portfolio. It features several dozen large-scale, enterprise-grade Java development projects we have implemented for Western-European Telco heavyweights, as well as an array of smaller projects for Western and Middle-Eastern clients in the Real Estate, eCommerce, and other verticals.

Our involvement in the above projects has helped us become conversant with using Java to develop Billing, Ordering, Rating, Invoicing, CRM, Document Management, Time Management, and other diverse functionality.

Although most of our Java development experience stems from complex Telecom projects, we have also been using Java to develop other enterprise software and various B2B, B2C and B2E applications. Many of the tasks, solved by SYTOSS’s  engineers, can be rightfully referred to as ultimately challenging ones in Java software development.


Our Java Development Service Level Agreement includes:

  • A contractually defined Service Level Agreement on the reaction times for solving issues on the production systems.
  • Guarantees with regards to the time period, required to hire new Java engineers or to replace a team member with another one.
  • Strict confidentiality of all your project-related information, ensured by means of several easily enforced legal agreements that are signed with each one of our software engineers.
  • Protection of your IP rights.
  • Physical safety and technical security of all your data.
  • A robust technical infrastructure to support the development process.

What Our Clients Say

An Enterprise Java Applications Development Project - Testimonial

Thomas Kamsker

"I've had the benefit of closely working with many members of this awesome team ever since 2004. We've relied heavily on SYTOSS on a number of occasions and they've been central to the success of no less than a dozen complex projects I was in a charge of implementing. Their developers are very good and fast and the best is they keep up this quality now in generations of developers.

As a software provider, they know most things Telecom inside out. I believe SYTOSS is an incredible partner, - hugely knowledgeable, dependable and easy to deal with."

Enterprise Architect
Java Software Development Project - Testimonial

Dmitry Sergey

"We’ve been collaborating with Sytoss extensively on a massive-scaled project for the Belarussian Telecom giant Velcom and have found them to be highly professional, cooperative and dependable. Their experts have an in-depth understanding of the Telecom business processes and they are, certainly, very competent as IT professionals.

We hope our cooperation with SYTOSS will continue and we look forward to working together with them on other Telco projects."


Custom Java Application Development Project - Testimonial

Manfred Schüller

"I’ve been collaborating with their core team for close to 15 years and I've also been working with them as SYTOSS for over 6 years.

As SYTOSS, they’ve been instrumental in implementing a mission-critical Billing project of nationwide importance and they’ve done a great job of it, - across the board…. Superior quality, an amazing ability to overcome any technical challenges, the ability deliver extremely complex and large-scale functionality, - I think SYTOSS has everything to make a fabulous technology partner, both highly competent and very reliable...

Billing Delivery Lead

Implement Your Project
with Our Awesome Java Developers!

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