Published: Jul 5, 2020

Looking for an IT company to partner with, sometimes it is hard to make the search request precise enough to find a software development company that fits your needs perfectly. We’ve gathered methods and resources where you can find a software development partner and save you time and resources on your way to digital transformation.

1. Recommendations and references

When your company is in need of software to automate processes or look for an update or replacement of outdated solutions, most likely, you are not the first business that faces the challenge of custom software development. You may know people who have already addressed digital transformation. Ask people if they know software development companies they can recommend. To find a software development partner, you may ask for advice:

  • business partners,

  • employees,

  • Independent consultants,

  • insights from friends and relatives.


2. Search engines

You may search the internet on the lookout of an IT partner to help you with your software development needs. You may use several approaches to queries and enter different phrases into a search box:

  • search for your specific demand, type what you need directly, for example: “outsource custom software development”;

  • look for a product you require — “face recognition application”;

  • ask questions as if you were talking to a person, like “Where to find a software development company?”;

  • search for a specific technology you are looking for — “Java development company”;


  • enter a service you require, as “business and system analysis”.


Image - Catalogs

3. Catalogs

A good resource to find a software development company is an online catalog. Different catalogs use various methods to analyze, rate and categorize service providers. The list consists of five popular ratings, and you may find some more. Each resource focuses on a specific aspect of cooperation and highlights a selected strength of providers, so you may also choose the IT company that may fit your business requirements.

  • Clutch states to be a catalog of B2B firms rated by customer reviews. You can browse forms by categories or services they provided. Also, you may filter results by location, project size, industry focus and other parameters.

  • Extract is a catalog that verifies developers by checking certification, registration documents along with client feedback. The resource also divides companies into several categories to choose from, and additional filters allow you to look for rates, location and company size that fits you the most.

  • Goodfirms is a catalog focused on software service companies and products that are trusted by clients according to their authenticated reviews and complemented with the research of the latest business and industry trends.

  • IAOP is an association listing outsourcing partners that are highly collaborative professionals.

  • AppFutura also analyzes IT companies’ performance to rate and categorize them by services they provide and their location.

4. Lists

One more way to find a software development company to solve your digital business tasks is categorized lists. Search for lists relevant to your needs, your industry or selected location. Your possible requests may look like the following:

  • Top [enter an IT partner you need, like] software development companies;

  • Top software development companies in [a location you are interested in, for example] Eastern Europe;

  • Top software development companies in [year] 2020;

  • List of [type a definition of an IT company you are looking for, as] custom enterprise software development companies;

  • List of [the selected field, industry or sector IT services providers] Telecom software development companies.

Image - Social

5. Social networks

You may use your social connections to find a performing software development partner. First, look through your contacts, then you may try to search for a dedicated group, channel or hashtag. Some social networks are more business-oriented, while others are fun-intended. Start with the listed ones, and use every social contact you have:

Final advice

To make your search of a software development partner as effective as possible, before you start, we recommend you define your requirements to a service provider. The next step we advise you to do is prioritize your expectations as vital, important and optional. Knowing your focus will help you in search. Use all the ways and resources to find a software development company and compile your list of potential IT partners. Filter your list using your prioritized requirements and expectations. Make further research to verify IT companies from your list. Try to evaluate every software development company according to your business needs. And finally, start communicating with the selected IT companies, ask them questions about how they can help you to reach your business goals.

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