Java Development Outsourcing Services

“Java” and “outsourcing” are the two terms that best describe what our Team has been doing for over 10 years now. We develop custom Java software in a technologically renowned and financially attractive software outsourcing location.

We Help You with Your Java Outsourcing Needs

We can augment your in-house team with highly skilled Java developers, or implement your Java software development project for you from scratch.

To make a long story short, whether it is Team Augmentation or Project-Based Java Outsourcing: we excel in both and are always prepared to offer you a tailored Java outsourcing arrangement that is fully in sync with your Java development needs.

We are a well-established software outsourcing provider

Technology-wise, we major in Java and have been using the technology for 10+ years to create a stellar portfolio comprising scores of Java projects. Among others, this portfolio includes enterprise-grade Java applications for some of Western-Europe’s leading Telco companies, as well as a variety of other B2B Java software for US, Middle-Eastern, and other international clients.


With Us, You Can Always Count on the Following Java Outsourcing-Related Options and Benefits:



All the members of your Java development team will be engaged in communication with your in-house team and/or your business stakeholders. Alternatively, we can offer another team creation approach, whereby a single point of communication (Java Team Lead) will be established to optimize your communication flows and reduce the workload on your key personnel. In addition, we will provide a seasoned Account Manager who will establish efficient communication and make sure that your Java outsourcing project is in line with your company culture. Your technical and other experts are always welcome to visit us. The Kharkiv-based members of your nearshore Java development team will also visit you, whenever it is required.
 Robust</br>Solution Architecture

Solution Architecture

If required, the architecture of your Java application will be designed optimally and robustly by a Java Architect, who has successfully been designing Java applications for no less than 10-20 years. For an enterprise application, the architecture design is like a foundation for a home, it ensures your project will be robust and intelligent enough to let your solution grow.


We can assign 2-3 well-proven, mature Java developers to your project with the almost immediate effect in order to give the project a fast start and form the core of your remote Java development team.


We are infinitely experienced in the development of massive-scaled, enterprise-grade Java software solutions. We deliver code that is fast and good in quality. Our Java apps features a very high level of security and high processing power.


We can offer you multiple client engagement models to choose from (Time & Material and Fixed Price). Moreover, we can always further adjust these models to make them a better fit for your Java outsourcing needs and preferences.


Let’s discuss your IT needs, so we could provide you with business-specific partnership possibilities.

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