Mobile App Development Services.
Project-based, Team Extension.


Regardless of the specific mobile development competences or skills, required to fulfill your business needs, SYTOSS is prepared to give you all the assistance you need, - in the most qualified manner, flexibly, and at a relatively moderate cost.

Our full-stack mobile app development skills consummately complement the overall range of the software development competences and experience we have. They help our company deliver truly all-round solutions to our clients. Notably, this includes extending the technical capabilities of our enterprise clients (and, as a consequence, our own impressive enterprise-grade portfolio) with feature-rich and elegantly designed mobile apps.

SYTOSS’s Mobile App Development Division has equal and remarkable proficiency in iOS and Android. It can be efficiently of assistance irrespective of whether it is a native or hybrid mobile app you require to fulfill your business needs in a better way.

SYTOSS has a massive amount of experience in backend development (especially, in Java and .Net). Whenever required, we can develop a backend for your mobile app, while also making sure that the two parts of your system seamlessly integrate.

Similar to the rest of our service offering, SYTOSS offers mobile app development services in accordance with the more wide-spread Project-Based and Staff Augmentation client engagement models.

We would, thus, be the right mobile app development company to approach both when you want to extend your team with one or more mobile developers, and when you need a mobile app developed for you from the ground up.


If you want your mobile app to be prominent in terms of the UX it delivers and have a stunning look, SYTOSS is here to help. Our talented designers never fail to impress our clients’ apps' target audiences.


The lifespan and of a good app and its ability to help you reach your long-term business goals depend on this app's scalability and interoperability. We are always mindful of this, and we build mobile apps that help our clients solve their ever evolving business needs over time.


Security is at the core of everything we do here at SYTOSS. We cater to major Western companies that have millions of customers and entrust us with their data. We develop highly secured solutions that are designed by us to be compliant with numerous regulations and requirements. We adhere to strict and well-thought-out security standards and make sure all our employees share this responsibility.

If Security & Compliance are a concern, with SYTOSS you will gain the peace of mind you need.

Here is what makes us a great pick

for Mobile Development-Related Staff Augmentation and Mobile App Development purposes:

Optimal Mobile App Architecture. Ease-of-Use Due to Strong Business Analysis Expertise

SYTOSS is distinguished in that our software development process is (thanks to enterprise-grade software being our specialty) pillared upon a remarkably solid Business Analysis foundation. The mobile app development part of our service offering is no exception: our apps feature a well-though-out, elegant and highly user-intuitive design.

Advanced UX Design Skills and Well-Established UX Testing Practices

The importance of UX design to a mobile app's success is difficult to overestimate. We are perfectly skilled in this area.

Importantly, our clients are also always welcome to participate in the preliminary UI mockup testing of their future apps.

We will thoroughly test your mobile app to make sure its quality is up to par.

Enterprise Mobile Development Experience

We are, essentially, a provider of custom enterprise-grade software. When it comes to enterprise, we are on our home turf. This includes mobile enterprise solutions we have expertise in creating, too.

Yes, our mobile app developers know how to compact a truckload of diverse enterprise functionality into a mobile app and make the whole thing easily manageable in an intuitively user-friendly manner.

Mobile Application Development Services
Mobile Development in Ukraine

Mobile App Testing (Manual and Automated)

Unlike many mobile app development teams, SYTOSS’s mobile app developers work in close cooperation with an exceedingly experienced in-house QA and Testing team.

We will thoroughly test your mobile app to make sure its quality is up to par.

Mobile Development in Ukraine

Highly Professional Project Management and On-Time and On-Budget Delivery

Your mobile app development project will be steered by a highly experienced PM to ensure its timely delivery within the agreed-upon cost framework.

Our PMs have spearheaded projects involving up to 50 developers and spanning years of time. They are skilled in juggling difficult requirements with strict time and budget constraints, and have more than one time proven their ability to choose the right track for a project, making it a success.

Reliable After-sale Support

We know support is important, and you are never left to your own devices after your software development contract with us has been delivered on. We will, readily and promptly, provide all the support you need.

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